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Titan One 2016/2017 Update

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The Titan One device is getting the biggest update release ever. New features, improvements, additional controller support and bug fixes were packed in to this massive Titan One 2016/2017 Update. The enhancements can be found in the Titan One’s firmware, Gtuner Pro software and plugins. In particular we would like to highlight the support for the recently released Xbox One S controller, the full compatibility with PS4 Remote Play and the improved support for PS4 consoles and DualShock 4 controllers. This includes a fully working and script programmable PS4 Lightbar, Controller Vibration, Touchpad and Motion Sensors.

PRO Gaming Controllers (Update Mar 09, 2017)


Fulfilling our compromise of continuously add new features to the Titan One device, in March 09, 2017 we are releasing an new firmware update adding support for all new third-party PS4 controllers, such as the Nacon Revolution Pro, Razer Raiju and Hori TAC Grip 4. You can now use PRO Gaming Controllers with Gamepacks, scripts and all the benefits the Titan One device can offer.Controller vibration, touchpad and motion sensor are supported.

New PS4 Controller (Update Nov 07, 2016)


The Titan One firmware update 2.42 of November 07, 2016 adds support for the new PS4 controller in wired and wireless modes. Fully working lightbar, touchpad, vibration, motion sensor. With the Titan One you can now use the new DualShock 4 on any compatible console or system, such as PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PlayStation TV, PC, Steam, Android Devices, as well as with Xbox One Streaming App and PS4 Remote Play.

Xbox One S Controller


You can now enjoy your brand new Xbox One S Controller to play with the Titan One, Gamepacks and Scripts on any compatible console or system, such as the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PlayStation TV, PC, Steam, Android Devices, as well as with Xbox One Streaming App and PS4 Remote Play. The controller can be used to authenticate the Titan One with Xbox One consoles and does not require the batteries to be removed for controller crossover play on the Xbox One. The controller vibration, force feedback on the triggers and the guide button are supported and working as expected. The Bluetooth support for the Xbox One S controller is under development and should be present in the next firmware update.

PS4 Remote Play Compatibility


In many situations the PS4 Remote Play feature is a very convenient way to play or continue playing your game. The Titan One 2016/2017 Update brings this convenience to an even higher level. You can now not only use your favorite Scripts and Gamepacks while remote playing on the PlayStation 4, but also use any compatible controller with the PS4 Remote Play, without any interruption due to the PS4 device authentication. Are you playing a fighting game such Street Fighter V or Mortal Kombat X? Now you can use your fightstick with the PS4 Remote Play. Did you fall in love with the Xbox Elite controller and cannot use anything else? You can use it as well. The possibilities are endless!

PS4 and DualShock 4 Improvements


The Titan One 2016/2017 Update is heavily focused on improving the existing support for PlayStation 4 consoles and DualShock 4 controllers. The control data of the PS4 HID reports are now fully computed and tracked by the Titan One, without relying on any external controller. This translates to the user the ability to enable any PS4 specific feature, such as touchpad and motion sensors, to any other controller via scripting. For example, you can now use the Xbox One Elite paddles to lean left or right on Battlefield 4 (video below) or access the touchpad menu of Bloodborne with any compatible controller. The firmware update also adds full support to the PS4 Lightbar, which allows the lightbar of your PS4 controller to change color according to the game. The Titan One background color also reflects these color changes, which can be useful if you are not using the PS4 controller. In addition to that, many others features, improvements and bug fixes were implemented, such as automatic PS4 Bluetooth pairing by just connecting the PS4 controller on the Titan One with an USB cable. The update also provides enhancements on wireless connectivity of controllers with the PS4 partial crossover support enabled.

Gtuner PRO: On-the-Fly Configuration Save and Run


The on-the-fly gamepack and script configuration is probably one of the most requested and wanted feature. It allows users to update gamepacks and scripts parameters on the device with a click of a single button, without the need to actually go through all the process of programming the Titan One internal flash memory. This is a huge time savings because flashing the device’s memory requires many interactions from the user and forces the device to enter in programming mode and reset back to operational mode, requiring re-authentication with the console every time the programming process is executed. Now all of that is a thing of the past – to quick save new settings on Titan One, just click on the Save on Device button. In order to test and find the best parameters for various Titan One features, such as rapidfire, Jitter, quick-scope, etc, use the Save and Run button to update the device with the current settings and automatically reload the gamepack/script to reflect the new values. To enable the “on-the-fly” operations, the correspondent memory slot need first be programmed with the gamepack or script, as normally. After this one-time step, you can use the “on-the-fly” operations indefinitely.

Gtuner PRO: Retractable File Explorer on Compiler IDE


You can now have all your scripts files accessible for visually checking and quick opening, which is a very handy feature for any user that develops GPC scripts for the Titan One. Gtuner Pro v3.50+ now features a retractable File Explorer area inside the Compiler panel. The File Explorer can be opened or closed by clicking on the blue folder icon present on the toolbar. The File Explorer area can have its width, in relation to the code editor, adjusted by the user. The adjusted width is saved and restored on subsequent use of the software. The same is true for the last folder opened, which will be remembered for the next time you launch the Gtuner Pro software. The Gtuner’s File Explorer works as any regular file explorer, allowing navigate between the installed drivers and folders. General files are not shown in the folder list, the File Explorer will only list the files with extension “.gpc”. To open a GPC file, simply double click on the filename.

Gtuner PRO: Plugins


The Combo Magic plugin is now capable of utilizing its capture buffer in circular mode. Previously, after start the capture mode, the user had 20 seconds to perform the desired actions on the controller. After this timeout, the plugin automatically exited from capture mode. However, this approach can be a little problematic when trying to perform a very tricky button sequence that requires specific timing and many attempts before succeeding. The circular buffer option solves this problem by keeping the Combo Magick in capture mode indefinitely, without any timeout, where the last 20 seconds are kept in memory to be used later to generate the correspondent GPC code. After succeeding with the button sequence, just press STOP to get the GPC combo code and reproduce this nearly impossible to perform action any time with your script!

Celtic Magic: Assistive Technology

We would like to take this opportunity to talk about the wonderful work developed by Graham Law from Celtic Magic. Graham designs equipment for people with limited use of their limbs to operate computers and consoles. It has been very rewarding for us to have the Titan One device as part of some of his projects solutions. We encourage our users and visitors to watch the video below and to visit the website for more details on all the solutions provided by Graham.

Titan One 2016/2017 Update – Changelog

  • USB Host: Added support for PS4 PRO Gaming controllers: NACON REVOLUTION PRO, HORI TAC GRIP 4, RAZER RAIJU
  • USB Host: Added support for PS4 controllers: HORI FIGHTING STICK 4 MINI, HORI TAC 4 PRO
  • USB Host: Added support for new PS4 controller
  • USB Host: Added support for PS4 Hori TAC4 (0F0D:007A)
  • USB Host: Added support for Xbox One S Controller
  • USB Device: Added support for PS4 Remote Play (Win/Mac)
  • USB Device: Added support for PS4 Lightbar feedback (for controller and backlight)
  • USB Device: Fix L2CAP channel for PS3 rumble data reports (no need use flow control anymore)
  • USB Device: “Rumble Over Bluetooth” is now factory “FULL SPEED” by default
  • USB Device: Proper timing control and report for PS4 motion sensor values (ACC, GYRO)
  • USB Device: Self-contained control of all report parameters for PS4 touchpad data
  • USB Device: Fix disconnections of wireless controllers on PS4 with “PS4 partial crossover support”
  • USB Device: “PS4 Partial Crossover Support” is now factory enabled by default
  • USB Device: Proper report counter control and tracking on Xbox One reports
  • USB Host: Automatically pair PS4 controllers with Titan One (Bluetooth)
  • USB Host: PS4 “BT Boost” is now factory enabled by default
  • USB Host: Added support for PS4 Frag FX Shark (2363:0668)
  • USB Host: Better PS4 third-party controller detection
  • USB Host: Xbox One controllers no longer require battery removal to authenticate
  • GPC VM: Added ability to save and run gamepack/script configurations on-the-fly
  • GPC VM: Fix normalization/denormalization of PS4 motion sensor values (ACC, GYRO)
  • PCPROG: Now allows slot change and script testing without need of a controller
  • Gtuner Pro: Added “PS4 Remote Play” option in the device output protocol settings
  • Gtuner Pro: Added ability to save and run gamepack/script configurations on-the-fly
  • Gtuner Pro: Added retractable File Explorer to the Compiler panel
  • Gtuner Pro: Added option to automatically pair the PS4 controller with Titan One (Bluetooth)
  • Gtuner Pro: Added sub-folder listing in the custom default scripts of File menu -> New
  • Gtuner Pro: Latest News panel removed (due lack of regular updates)
  • Gtuner Pro: Added developer message box on Online Library interface for eventual communications
  • Gtuner Pro: Documentation update (File Explorer, On-the-Fly, PS4 Auto Pair, Gamepacks, etc)
  • MaxRemapper: Fix, deadzone adjustments are now evaluated only after sensitivity adjustments
  • Combo Magick: Added circular buffer option. Constant capture of the last 20s