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Titan One now supports Nintendo Switch

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The Titan One device now supports the Nintendo Switch console. You are now free to use your favorite controller, Gamepacks and scripts on the newest console from Nintendo. This update also brings many other features such as the compatibility with the Nintendo Switch Pro controller and wireless connectivity for the Xbox One S controller (Bluetooth), along with improvements, additional controller support and bug fixes.

Enable Pro Controller Wired Communication:
In the HOME Menu of your Nintendo Switch select “System Settings” > “Controllers and Sensors”. Check the option “Pro Controller Wired Communication”.

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller


The Titan One firmware update 2.50 also adds support for the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller in wired mode. Use this high quality gamepad on any compatible console or system, such as PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PlayStation TV, PC, Steam, Android Devices, as well as with Xbox One Streaming App and PS4 Remote Play.

Xbox One S Controller Wirelessly


You can now enjoy your Xbox One S Controller to play wirelessly with the Titan One, Gamepacks and Scripts on any compatible console or system, including the Nintendo Switch. The controller vibration, force feedback on the triggers and the guide button are supported and working as expected.

Titan One Updates (v2.50):
  • USB Host: Added support for HORI FIGHTING HAYABUSA RAP V (PS4) {GitHub#11}
  • USB Host: Added support for Nintendo Switch Pro controller (wired mode; TODO: rumble)
  • USB Output: Improved detection of connected console/system (USB AUTOMATIC MODE), added Nintendo Switch
  • USB Output: Added support for Nintendo Switch console (TODO: decode HD Rumble packet)
  • USB Host: Added wireless support for Xbox One S controllers (Bluetooth, BT Dongle 4.0+ required) {GitHub#2}
  • GPC VM: Added check_slot(slot_no) function
Gtuner Pro Updates (v3.60):
  • Firmware update: increased timeout for programming mode detection
  • Fix wrong current directory on Windows 10
  • GPC Compiler: Added directives for Nintendo Switch and Switch Pro controller
  • Device Monitor: Added references for Nintendo Switch and Switch Pro controller
  • Device Options: Added Nintendo Switch on the output protocol list
  • Documentation: Fix information about the operation associativity {GitHub#2}
  • GPC Compiler: New function check_slot(slot_no) {GitHub#4}
  • Documentation: Updated with the new features and improvements of this update