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01 Switching from wii(u) to console FPS wiimoting

PostPosted: Wed Oct 22, 2014 6:52 am
by OFC-Giorgio
For years I (and many others) have been playing call of duty with the wiimote on the wii (world at war, modern warfare reflex, black ops, modern warfare 3) and wiiu (black ops2, ghosts). Many years ago I started the Over Forty Clan (OFC) with a group of older players that play cod with the wiimote on the wii and later on the wiiu.

Since this year (2014) it seems there will be no more cod (advanced warfare) on the wiiu platform, a lot of wiimote cod users are very sad not to be able to play the new cod(s) with a wiimote.

In order to be able to play the new cod I explored the possibilities to connect a wiimote to a PC, PS3 or XBOX. I first tried cod world at war with a wiimote on a PC by writing a small C# program with Brian Peek's wiimotelib at It turned out that the sensitivity and deadzones settings (made by TreyArc, the company that made/ported all the wii/wiiu versions of cod) that I was used to on the wii/wiiu were not so easy to be programmed from scratch and most importantly:the mouse+keyboard players were super fast compared to me with my wiimote setup (and my old reflexes).

Later I found out about the titan one and the device and reported my findings to all the wiimote users via the OFC website (, the nintendo miiverse ( social network and the activision cod wiiu black ops II and ghosts forums at and .

Happy wiimoting!

P.S. Remember with the Titan One dongle you can not only hook your wiimote to a PS3 but also to a PS4, XBOX360, XBOX1 or PC. The wiimote script for call of duty and battlefield is generic and now working cross platform on PS3, PS4, XBOX360 and XBOX1. I use the same script on both my PS3 and PS4.