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by J2Kbr
This FAQ was started by UK_Wildcats_Fans with contribution of perfecthuntr! Awesome work, thanks.


What are the limitations of the Titan 1?

See the below link.

Why can't I play Xbox 1 wireless on PS4/PS3/PC?

Microsoft uses a proprietary protocol. For the Xbox 360, Microsoft released a wireless adapter, but Microsoft has not released a wireless adapter for their Xbox One controllers yet. You can use the XB1 controller wired to the Titan 1. The XB1 wireless adapter is expected to be released in late 2015.

Why does my headset for Xbox One or PS4 not work when plugged into the controller?

At the USB level the audio is handled by two endpoints, one for the mic and other for the headset. Unfortunately the current Titan 1 hardware does not have enough memory left to do the audio pass-thru (buffering). An add-on device is currently in development that will provide more this capability along with features. See the topic below for more information.

I just bought a Titan 1 and where do I begin?

See the below beginner's guide for a great start.

What the error codes shown in the Titan One display means?

E1: Means hardware faulty. The device needs to be replaced.
E2: Means security check fail. The device is not genuine.
E3: Means software error. Please report to development team for further investigation.

How do I modify a script from Xbox to PS or vice-versa?

I have seen many questions about converting a script from Xbox to PS or vice-versa. The scripts, script language, Gtuner and firmware are designed to work across all platforms.

As part of Gtuner there are pre-defined variables that are linked to index tables for the Titan 1 firmware. It just makes it easier to develop scripts than using index numbers. For example, PS3_R1, PS4_R1, XB1_RB, XB360_RB and WII_RT will allow represent Index 3 by Gtuner. The index is then programmed to the Titan firmware which will translate this correctly based upon the console it detects. Any of these will work for a script regardless of which console.

Please ensure that you take a look at the table at the bottom of the link above. You will see the full cross references.

WARNING: Scripts are usually designed for a specific button layout (i.e. default, tactical, flipped for COD) for that game. Therefore, you may have to make some changes for your specific button layout.

What is AUTO AIM?
Let me clarify 1 thing right off the bat: The Titan One as well as ALL other USB devices or controllers CANNOT act like an aim bot (i.e., automatically aiming your weapon at an enemy). Now, to the mods that we refer to as "auto aim". Typically this can mean 1 of 2 things:
  1. The Titan One uses a game's "lock-on" targeting system to snap between targets. This is what happens in the single player campaigns of the Call of Duty games. You can rapid fire your ADS (aim-down-the-sights) button to have your gun snap onto the nearest enemy. The script for this will abuse this system to create the effect of having an aimbot. In this link on IGN, you will see why we call this "auto aim".
  2. In the second sense, this means that the Titan One will do the ADS action for you while you're shooting. Essentially, when the Titan One detects that you're firing a gun (holding RT / R2), it will automatically tell the console that you're also pressing the ADS button (holding LT / L2). This can be useful for people that just want to focus on shooting and not holding down 2 buttons.

What is recoil compensations or more commonly known as ANTI RECOIL?
What anti-recoil is as it relates to the Titan One has NOTHING to do with rapid fire. Titan One scripts can programmatically adjust the values that your right analog stick (typically your aiming control) is giving to the console. Most, if not all, modded controllers CANNOT do this. The "anti-recoil" that you may notice from modded controllers is simply due to the fact that guns are being fired with rapid trigger presses rather than with adjustments to the right analog stick.

Imagine that you have a fully automatic machine gun that has an insane amount of recoil. If you decide to hold down the trigger, you're going to need to compensate for the recoil. Without the Titan One, you'll aim down with your controller, and 90% of the time you're going to misjudge how much that needs to be applied. With the Titan One, you don't have to worry about aiming down since the Titan One will do that for you. You can easily use a script that adjusts your aim for you to compensate. The scripts can also account for you needing to aim up at the same time -- Let's pretend you're aiming at someone running up a staircase. You'll need to compensate for the recoil but also track the person while they move vertically on your screen. With the right code, you can easily track this player at the same time as compensating for the recoil. Basically, you aim at the person as if the gun weren't even firing.

Side note here - some guns have random side-to-side recoil. This cannot be predicted or programmatically accounted for with a Titan One or any other type of device.

Please see the below link about the factors that affect recoil compensation (aka anti-recoil).

What can the Titan One do that XYZ's modded controller can't?
When you buy a modded controller, even if they are programmable and can swap buttons and all that good stuff, you're paying for a SINGLE controller. That controller is tied to the system that it was meant to be used on. It is also limited to the features that are shipped with the controller. The Titan One turns literally ANY standard, branded (i.e., Sony or Microsoft) PS3, PS4, XB360, XB1 controller into a fully modded controller that can be used on ANY of those systems. YES!! That means that you can use your Xbox One controller on your friend's PS4.

You want to use your PS3 controller on your XB1? No problem. You want rapid fire? No problem. You want to tune your rapid fire for a particular gun? No problem. Want to do that in-game with button combinations that you select? No problem. You want every single button to have turbo? No problem. You want to swap buttons around? No problem. You want to perform 30+ hit combos on games like Mortal Kombat X with the press of a SINGLE button? No problem. Do you want to setup your game of Destiny to farm while you go to class? NO PROBLEM. The list keeps going, and going, and going... There is not a single modded controller that can do all of those things. ALSO, with the Titan One you're allowing all of those capabilities to be used on ANY standard controller from a modern console. AND, all that same stuff will work with your existing rapid fire controllers.

Side note here -- the controllers that are compatible with the Titan One can be seen listed here.

Tell me about some other cool features of the Titan One.
Controller compatibility:
What are you going to do with your old Xbox 360 based arcade-style fight stick now that you have an Xbox One? Well, with the Titan One, you can simply plug your fight stick up to the Titan One and then plug that into the console and you're now able to use it.
What if I bought a PS4 and want to use my Xbox 360 fight stick? Same story as above. Simply plug it into your Titan One and plug that into your PS4.

With our pre-programmed gamepacks, you can easily configure various mods to be used with your games. Add things such as rapid fire or glitches that can make weapons shoot faster. Perhaps you don't want to keep holding pressing the sprint button for your game, so try out the auto-sprint mod.

Custom scripts:
You want to use various features from different scripts or gamepacks in a customized script? Don't know how to program? No problem. Just ask our forum users for help and we will be GLAD to help fulfill your requests. Check out some samples of that here:

We can help fix broken controllers:
Check out this satisfied user who has a broken controller that we were able to fix programmatically:

Aiding disabled gamers:
Do you have some sort of accessibility requirement that hinders your ability to use a controller? Let us help you out! Please check out some of the following posts about various requests along these lines:


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I think that we should add a section for error codes and troubleshooting here.

What does error code E1, E3 .. mean?

How do I fix error code E1, E3 ?


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halo 2 classic

PostPosted: Wed Feb 03, 2016 6:34 am
by jesus1
how to do the yy part on the doubleshot instead of auto doubleshot

Re: halo 2 classic

PostPosted: Wed Feb 03, 2016 7:19 am
by J2Kbr
jesus1 wrote:how to do the yy part on the doubleshot instead of auto doubleshot

If you are referring the the Gamepack, as far as I remember, it only has doubleshot loop. If you want just run a single double shot for each fire button press, we can make a custom script. Being this the case, please make your request in the scripting forum. thanks.


PostPosted: Wed Feb 03, 2016 7:46 am
by jesus1
a script with the yy part. this way people dont kno that im cheating. they can always tell becouse the double shot is auto. they cant see me doin the yy part.

Re: halo 2 classic

PostPosted: Wed Feb 03, 2016 7:50 am
by jesus1
J2Kbr wrote:
jesus1 wrote:how to do the yy part on the doubleshot instead of auto doubleshot

If you are referring the the Gamepack, as far as I remember, it only has doubleshot loop. If you want just run a single double shot for each fire button press, we can make a custom script. Being this the case, please make your request in the scripting forum. thanks.

yess i need script that dose yy part for doubleshot .alot of people can tell that i have moded controller becouse they dont see me yy