Private Messages vs Posting a New Topic (or Reply)

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Re: Private Messages vs Posting a New Topic (or Reply)

Postby neosphere » Tue Apr 17, 2018 10:36 am

UK_Wildcats_Fans wrote:This is a great forum community where all members are willing to help with the great level of civility and general helpfulness. Most of us have often received several private messages asking for help, support, etc, and we are willing to help.

With private messages you are limited to a response from the recipient(s). If you post a new topic or reply, you have a better chance of getting a quicker and even better response from the various forum members that are active on the forums.

In addition your topic may help other members in the future. Therefore, it is highly suggested that members post topics instead of private messages for general topics, issues or help.

Please do not post issues within this topic. Please post them into a new topic or related topic. This will make it easier for users to search the forums for topics that address their issue(s).

Thank you for your help to keep this a great forum with great help from our forum members.

Actually...!! Thanks for this great suggestion.
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