T2 + Xim Apex on Series X and S crashes console

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T2 + Xim Apex on Series X and S crashes console

Postby dan_94 » Mon Jan 11, 2021 8:10 am

Hello my dear friends, i am experiencing a major problem which drives me nuts. I am playing with the Titan 2 connected to the Xbox series X. My Xim on one port with the mouse and the controller. My keyboard on the other board (standard configuration, as always used on ps4 before). What happens now is that my console crashes mit game blinking with it LEDS (i know such issue often occurs on the new console and normally i would get a repair) but i bought a power adapter cause maybe its a power issue. Further it got a lot better, now crashes may less, but still it crashes. As further testing i played on the Xbox series S, but this one also shuts down sometimes. Makes me wondering thats still a problem with the T2 maybe still needing to much power?
My power cable is 7.5V with 2A, so more than enough.
Anybody experiencing the same isssue?
Or anybody out there playing on the new console with this set up and having no issues?
Greetings and help is very appreciated
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Re: T2 + Xim Apex on Series X and S crashes console

Postby J2Kbr » Tue Jan 12, 2021 2:46 pm

Hi Dan,

Please first check if this issue also happens with the Titan Two alone (without XIM).

Also note, there is a bug similar to what you are describing related with USB stack problem that exists on Xbox since Xbox One. If this is the case, a console hard reboot “fixes” the issue.
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