Connect xim with tt2 xbox sx?

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Connect xim with tt2 xbox sx?

Postby Markanat » Tue Jan 04, 2022 12:06 pm

i have xim apex, tt2 and a powered switch. How can I best connect it. With the switch I have on and off button and input for power supply unit. I have tried to express myself as clearly as possible, if not I can try again, please ask :smile0201:
How was it before without power on the switch:
I have switch on xbox series x. I turned on the console, then turned on the switch and everything worked 2 weeks ago. Tt2 is connected to the switch and mouse, keyboard and NAV are connected to xim. Xim is connected to tt2 A USB. For 2 weeks the controller has been disconnected (presumably) and starts to blink after that I have to start everything again, sometimes even 2 times with the controller reconnected. I read a little and it said you need a powered switch. I bought it.
Now I have the problem that when I turn on XSX, I turn on a powered switch, tt2 goes on (only green led lights up on the left, nothing more) on display tt2 is flashing 0. The controller even works but tt2 doesn't.
How I help myself:
1 controller to xsx directly with cable and then disconnect cable (controller lights up)
2 controllers on xim hub and xim on XSX
3 Disconnect the power from the switch, then switch tt2 (together with apex and hub), then turn on the switch and then power to the switch.
Sometimes I'm lucky, sometimes I have to do the same 2-3 times.
It's a little chilly, and I don't know which of them are causing errors. I was about to send controllers because it did not connect to XSX 3-5 times but it worked briefly with 2 controllers, after then I had the same errors with 2 controllers. I've already tried to swap the cables.
I'm sorry for my english, i would be grateful for any help or just reeport how it attached to you :innocent_smile_1:
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Re: Connect xim with tt2 xbox sx?

Postby slickrick6922 » Tue Jan 11, 2022 9:39 pm

I have the same setup up and had the same problem, what I do is unplug the mouse and keyboard, power up the console and after its on the home screen them hit the xbox button on your controller to turn it on and it works. then plug your mouse and keyboard up to your usb. you might have to do a hard reset on xbox before you start.
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