Invert analog stick

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Invert analog stick

Postby Chalila » Mon Mar 08, 2021 2:17 am

I’m brand new to this, so apologies of I’m not using the right terminology.

I’m looking for a way to invert the right analog stick on my controller. I want to play RDR2 on PS5 but the settings don’t allow to invert x-axis, so I’m unable to play. I know the C-Zen (censored?) allows you to invert x and y axis, and I assume Titan Two (and maybe Titan One?) does too, but they seem like overkill for the one task I need them for. Are there any alternatives that are cheaper and more simplistic?

Better yet, is there a script (?) that inverts x and y exclusively for camera movement? I’ll still need the right analog stick for certain menus, so it would be nice for that to not be inverted as well. (But if not, I think that’s still a lot easier to get used to than the camera movement.)

Layman’s terms, please. Assume I know nothing.

Thank you for taking the time to read!
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Re: Invert analog stick

Postby Mad » Tue Mar 09, 2021 6:14 am


Yes this is possible, here is a rough example what it would look like:
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main {
    if(get_actual(STICK_1_Y) > 0.0) {
        set_val(STICK_1_Y, inv(get_actual(STICK_1_Y)));
    else set_val(STICK_1_Y, abs(get_actual(STICK_1_Y)));
    if(get_actual(STICK_1_X) > 0.0) {
        set_val(STICK_1_X, inv(get_actual(STICK_1_X)));
    else set_val(STICK_1_X, abs(get_actual(STICK_1_X)));
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