PSVR - do NOT buy! (for the asking price)

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Re: PSVR - do NOT buy! (for the asking price)

Postby Raam401 » Sun Nov 25, 2018 10:51 am

I'm glad that the PSVR has become cheaper, because last time I looked (okay, it was a couple months ago), it was expensive as hell, and costed as much as the console itself.
I mean, I had calculated that getting a PS4, a PSVR, and the game I'm interested in (Ace Combat 7, the other PS4 games I want to play don't really need VR) would cost something like $900. You know what I can do for $900? I can buy an used car, I can buy the most expensive airsoft replica I want with accessories and spare parts to boot, I can go on a trip abroad with my wife... Hell, I can even straight out rent a flat on the Canary islands next summer...

So, now that it's getting cheaper and that the arrival of the PS4 Pro lowered the prices of the original console, I think it will be more affordable and interesting.
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