RapidFire on automatic Weapons are bit buggy?!?

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RapidFire on automatic Weapons are bit buggy?!?

Postby ShimmiShu » Wed Sep 16, 2020 3:10 pm

Well, i did not knew where exactly to ask this....
And btw almost my last question. Hopefully :innocent_smile_1:

Ok.... just as an Example, could be with every Gamepack, Script etc...
Lets say i use the Apex Legends Gamepack... Simple Raoidfire is activated and all is on default...
Single Shot Weapons are exactly doing what i wanted with Rapidfire, They shoot like an automatic Gun. Great :smile0203:
Then, when changing the Weapon to an automatic gun some will start to stutter...... They dont shoot as an automatic gun anymore.... How can i prevent them from doing it without turning the script all time on and off?
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Re: RapidFire on automatic Weapons are bit buggy?!?

Postby J2Kbr » Thu Sep 17, 2020 10:31 am

In general, what you can do is configure the Gamepack's "Fire Mode Activation" to "Activated on full press fire trigger". By doing so, the Rapidfire will only be activated when fully pressing the fire trigger (for semi auto weapons) and, by half-pressing the trigger there will not be rapidfire allowing full auto weapons behave normally.

Alternatively, for Apex Legends only, selected "Advanced Rapidfire" and configure it as the following:

Hold time (ms): 24
Release time (ms): 16
First to second shot delay (ms): 0
Number of shots (burst fire): 0
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