Weird Mouse Sens Issue(Game setting suggestion COD MW?)

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Weird Mouse Sens Issue(Game setting suggestion COD MW?)

Postby Keger » Sun Jul 31, 2022 7:08 pm

I have been using the Titan 2 for a couple years and it has been working great until recently. I had not used the device for a while and when I went back to use it, my mouse sensitivity in game it hyper fast; even at 0.01 default sensitivity. (when I put it on 0.00 the mouse doesn't work so I know its reflecting my changes in Gtuner)

I'm using a Logitech Pro X Superlight wireless at 25600 sens 1k rate (device config reflects this in Gtuner) and in game settings at max controller speed (MW2 20) dead zones at 10.. The X/Y ratio is 1.61 and DD factor 0.22 on default and 1.25 and 0.16 alternate which was previously perfect. Enhanced pointer precision is also off.

Any suggestion would be appreciated.

***So ive reimaged my rig, used two mice and a XIm4 by itself and getting the same results which leads me to believe its an game setting. Trying to setup COD MW. Any suggestions on an in game setting that may be causing this?
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