Macro for 2 controllers in Split Screen PS4

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Macro for 2 controllers in Split Screen PS4

Postby andy_pandy » Fri Oct 11, 2019 12:22 am

Hi, I just got my titan 2 today.

I set up a farming script and it working really well. Very impressed with the titan 2.

But I was wondering in split screen (local co-op) and with 2 controllers connected to the titan 2, is it possible to record a macro such that one controller controls, say the top screen, and the other the bottom screen . I just need the same actions on the main controller (top screen) mirrored on the secondary controller(bottom screen) so that both accounts can farm at the same time.

I assume this would be possible by recording a macro where I pressed the buttons on the 2 different controllers at the same time. But when I connect 2 controllers, it seems they both control the top screen only. Is this is a limitation or am I missing something obvious ? Is there anyway to program 2 controllers at the same time using a macro and have the ps4 assign the button presses to the separate screens/accounts ?

Thanks for your help, Andy
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Re: Macro for 2 controllers in Split Screen PS4

Postby Scachi » Fri Oct 11, 2019 12:28 am

The Titan Two isn't designed to control multiple players with a single device.
As you have noticed a single T2 merges all inputs into a single output.
This is required for the T2 to have controllers work cross platform. Like using a xbox controller for playing on ps4. You connect an official ps4 console controller into input-B and can use some other controller (xbox,joystick,mouse,keyboard) in Input-A to play on your ps4 console then.

You need a separate Titan Two per player.
There is no way to sync the two titan twos at the moment (like one being master and one slave) so you would have to copy the macro/script over to the second titan two and run the script on the second one too.
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Re: Macro for 2 controllers in Split Screen PS4

Postby Entropy512 » Fri Oct 11, 2019 11:29 am

Split screen - Borderlands 3?

I'm curious what sorts of scriptable farming techniques there are. Beating Gigamind senseless obviously is not scriptable, neither is shooting Graveward in the face. Someone else implied they were doing something involving reviving another player for XP (I'm guessing by having the low-level player host and a high-level player revive them in coopetition? Or do enemies always scale to the highest level player, not the group host?)

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