Setting up Parsec with the Titan Two

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Re: Setting up Parsec with the Titan Two

Postby Buffy » Sat Feb 20, 2021 7:13 pm

Spear14- wrote:
- (Optional) If you are hosting for multiple parsec users...
- click the "Capture all Gamepad/Joystick" dropdown box and select the parsec controller per user

Can someone elaborate on what is exactly meant by "select the parsec controller per user"?

I can capture the remote controller along with controller plugged into the Titan Two, but both controllers are being treated as the same controller.

I don't see any other settings on the KMG capture window nor anything else in GTuner.

I'm running GTuner IV Titan Two Firmware (had the problem with the previous firmware as well). I'm on Windows 10 Home 19041.746.


If you want multiple players you will need to buy multiple Titan Two's.
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