Linux debian 11 chromebook

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Linux debian 11 chromebook

Postby TNT » Mon Aug 14, 2023 5:28 pm

It's 2023 how come there still isn't any Linux/ChromeOS packages for gtuner pro?

I just bought a device and all I have is a Acer 315 running on debian 11

After trying to see if I can get a USB to open in wine it doesn't seem to communicate
Traditionally like a normal USB..

I can't seem to figure out a work around, though I got gtuner to open in wine.

I don't get how a app that can run all the way back to Vista can't be made for gtuner..

Speaking of app why don't y'all just release the information of gtuner pro in the proper format.?

That way we can just open and play..

99.9% of all this hassle is because the download is stuck in Windows format..

So we're force to run .exe files to get the app to even open..

Please all I have is my Chromebook..

A 2021 edition that far from winvista should be able to work
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