Unstable connectivity with 8BitDo Pro2 Wired Controller

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Unstable connectivity with 8BitDo Pro2 Wired Controller

Postby SoundMind » Sat Jan 27, 2024 10:40 am

I just bought an 8BitDo Pro2 Wired Controller and thought I'd see if it works with my Titan One. When I plug it into the device and start Gtuner it detects as an Xbox 360 controller in Device Monitor and all of the controls respond correctly to my inputs but every 5-30 seconds or so they completely stop responding and freeze up for 5-6 seconds seconds then disappear with a CONNECT CONTROLLER message that flashes for a second then the process starts over rinse and repeat.

After saving a script to a memory slot the controller shows up in Windows just fine but when I go to the calibration properties it does the exact same thing as above and simply won't remain stable like it should. I'm guessing this buggy behavior means the controller isn't fully supported but if something can be done to make it work properly I'd highly appreciate some help.
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