need ADS fix, GPC script-odd but simple

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need ADS fix, GPC script-odd but simple

Postby silver237 » Tue Dec 26, 2023 4:11 pm

I needed someone to make a GPC script for xbox360 output (gtuner 4 > maxaim DI) for the following

if left trigger is pressed & held, then left analog thumbstick (LY) goes forward to -22 (which is still in deadzone for movement). However if I move using L analog stick in any direction beyond that, while still holding left trigger, the code gets overrided .

this is an odd one i know but its for a strange problem im having with a PC game for ADS in Max Payne 3.

>> UPDATE 1/10 : this is what i have so far, nothing on the device monitor when i press the LT though. not sure what im missing:

main {
if(event_press(XB360_LT)) {
set_val(XB360_LY, -25);
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