Oh no! Joystick not supported?

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Oh no! Joystick not supported?

Postby droid_mike » Thu Jun 10, 2021 4:16 am

Hi all,

I purchased a Titan One based on reviews and the official list saying that generic HID joysticks would be supported. I have an old Microsoft Sidewinder Precision Pro joystick that works great on the PC using an interface from "World of Joysticks" to translate it to a Xbox 360 joystick (an Xinput emulator?). I was hoping to use it as a HOTAS for my PS4 and Xbox One with the Titan one. I swear I saw someone in a review saying they used it with an old Microsoft Sidewinder, but when I plug the sidewinder into the unit, it flashes "E" and nothing shows up on the Console Tuner. According to the manual, that indicates that it is not supported. Why can my PC read it but not the Titan One? Is there any way to make it work or did I just throw my money away? Looking at the posts, I've seen others do amazing things with older controllers. I've seen some people use reWASD
with incompatible controllers to program the titan one?? That is something that I have gotten to work on the PC to use the remote play feature on the PS4. I am hoping there may be a way to make this work, so I can just plug the controller into the PS4 or Xbox One without too much trouble. I swear I saw someone post that they used the Titan One with this very joystick, but it was an old post.

Any help, advice, or assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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