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Re: An honest review and a thank you to the ConsoleTuner Tea

PostPosted: Mon Jun 20, 2016 6:33 am
by pablosscripts
Dave R wrote:So seems t1's challenging to use ,thinking of buying one ,I'm a long time xim user which is pretty well effortless

Hey, I'm a XIM user too. I started off with XIM and now have both XIM and T1, they complement each other very well. I'm a big fan of companies working together instead of fighting it out. Here we have two products that specialize in different things instead of trying to do everything and not being good at anything.

Anyway if you can use a XIM then you can use a T1. When I heard about scripting I just assumed it would be a big PITA but it hasn't been. The desktop tool is super easy to use. It also helps that the support here on this forum is some of the best I've ever received in a consumer product.

So from one XIM'er to another, Do.Not.Hesitate.