Titan & Xim keep cutting out sporadically

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Titan & Xim keep cutting out sporadically

Postby Chaka » Thu Jan 16, 2020 3:34 am

I've posted this on the Xim forums but figured i would post here as well in the hopes that someone may be able to help.

Hi, as the title says my Xim keeps cutting out sporadically. I cannot work out what is causing the issue at all. I had everything working perfectly and then all of a sudden it started to do this. I will list my gear below.

Titan Two
G502 Mouse
Hori Tac Pro Gamepad
PS4 Pro Console (less than a year old)

I have it connected like so -->

Console --> titan two - input A > Apex
Apex > G502 > PS4 Controller
Titan Port B > Hori Tac Pro

I also have another cable running connecting the titan two to my PC. My thoughts with this were that it would make it so that i don't need a seperate power supply? As i said it was working fine for days before i had this issue.

The issue specifically is that i will load into a game and at random times i will lose mouse, gamepad and controller. The Xim lights stay blue and the titan does not show any errors either. I then have to reboot both devices (leaving the ps4 on) and then the controller is detected by the ps4, brings up the share menu and i can hit the back button and everything will work again. Does anyone have any ideas? Is it as simple as a power supply?

*edit* i also noticed that if i cut the power with my power switch between the devices and the ps4 and then switch it back on everything works again even know they're still powered from the pc side of things
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Re: Titan & Xim keep cutting out sporadically

Postby J2Kbr » Sat Jan 18, 2020 6:05 pm

Based on what you described it seems the issue is power related.

When using the Titan Two in conjunction with XIM/Apex is one case where it may be necessarily power the Titan Two with an external power supply, in you case there are 5 devices connected at the same time (Titan Two, XIM, PS4 controller, Tac Pro and the mouse). This configuration can potentially require more power than what the USB port from the console can supply (500mA max), in this case the Titan Two can be powered by an external power supply and, consequently, also provide power for all the other devices.
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