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Thrustmaster T-Flight Hotas X for XBox One Ace Combat 7
Ver 1.7 by rtotheandell
I made this script for everybody that has a thrustmaster t-flight hotas for pc / ps3 but has ace combat 7 on xbox one and wants to use the stick to play their game. Script generated by R tothe Andell // // Thrustmaster T-Flight Hotas X on Xbox One // Set high G Type to "A" in game settings // R2 + Throttle down + stick will provide high g maneuver // Set high g type to "B" to perform by just throttle down + stick // Throttle, pitch, roll, and yaw are all as designed by the controller // Button 5 on stick changes weapon // button 8 on stick + L2 will throw chaff // button L3 on stick changes target // R3 is radar view change // L1 is missile / special weapon fire // R1 is machine gun fire // Please send any questions or comments to [email protected]


Final Fantasy XV AP autotrain XB1 conversion
Ver 1.01x by rtotheandell
Original script by Johnny_No_More converted to XB1 from ps4 by Rtotheandell. You need to be able to deal decent enough damage to Gladiolus and have decent MP to be able to miss a few shots. 1) Go to any camp. 2) Choose to train. Select the lowest difficulty. 3) When the battle begins, press LT to start the macro. This will spam Warp Strikes on Gladiolus until he falls, which will grant 1 AP. It will then restart the battle. Feel free to change the tuning on the targeting to suit your needs. Let me know how it works bc I don't have the stats to run it yet. **UPDATE** Due to an update to the actual game itself, FFXV no longer gives AP for each fight, thereby rendering this (once AMAZINGLY helpful and useful) script not so useful. I would like to send my thanks to Johnny_No_More for providing the original script, and to all of the original 45 downloaders that were able to use this AP trainer to fill all the skill trees.