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Programmable Button Remapper
Ver 1.0 by X-Dream
Tired of making a new script every time you want to have a new remapping?This script allows for button remapping on the fly. Enter program mode by pressing <START/PLUS> then pressing first button then press button to be swapped with. If you want to remap X to Y for example enter program mode then press X then Y and until cleared both buttons will be swapped.


Destiny - SRL Made easier
Ver 1.001 by X-Dream
This script allows for racing in the SRL event in Destiny a little bit easier. Give your L2/LT hand a rest as this script is set to automatically hold it for you. It also remaps L3 + R3 to be left and right on the D-Pad respectively for when you want to do emotes/tricks as well as pressing both will equate to pressing UP on the D-Pad. Pressing R2 will activate Down on the D-Pad. To enable script press L3 + Start/Back/Menu. A Green light will inform you that the script is active because Green means GO!!


Variable Rapid Fire
Ver 1.1 by X-Dream
Have you ever wanted to have rapid fire set to all the individual buttons on your controller? This script allows you to set any of the four face buttons and any of the four shoulder buttons with rapid fire. This script also allows you to set each button with its own individual speed between three settings SLOW / MEDIUM / FAST. Want your shoulder button set for max rapid fire while your circle or b button is set for a slower rate. No problem. The script also adds in my previous script of DualShock 4 compatibility so if you like your XBONE Elite controller for use on ps4, but rather not deal with figuring out how to press the TOUCH PAD no problem. Want to use your DS4 on 360 and rather use the touch pad for back and start? No problem.


Single Button Alternating Rapid Fire
Ver 2.1 by X-Dream
Script allows you to have two buttons work in turbo (rapidfire) mode by pressing just a single button. Also has a third rapidfire button (auxiliary) Updated to be easily customized for use with any buttons/controller configuration without the need to modify main script or combo sections.


Dual Shock 4 Universal Compatibility
Ver 2.0 by X-Dream
Using this script allows for the following: -Use left side of touchpad as "select/back/view/minus" -Use right side of touchpad as "start/start/menu/plus" -Allows manual reset of Dual Shock 4 Authentication sequence when using a non Dual Shock 4 controller on PS4 -Remaps "select/back/view/minus" to TouchPad activator for use on PS4 and giving a hotkey combination to activate "Share" button *Note: Can be simply copy/pasted into existing scripts to enable features in any program. Put easily modifyable activation triggers in header to alleviate issues where activation trigger is in conflict with triggers already present in target script


GTA_V_______ALL_CONSOLES Equip_Heavy_Armor In 1.5 seconds
Ver 12.10.15 by GTAthrowawayaccount
This uses the interaction menu to equip heavy armor quickly in the heat of a battle. //Hold AIM and open the interaction menu to trigger the script.


Call of duty wiimote script (alpha and bravo settings)
Ver 20151122-1 by OFC-Giorgio
(c) 2014 (c) 2015 OFC-Giorgio - All right reserved ONLY PUBLISHED ON (makers of the Titan One usb dongle) NO RIGHTS TO PUBLISH ELSEWHERE WITHOUT WRITTEN CONSENT OF THE AUTHOR Based on the scripts of wiimote Fuzzy, Wiimote3, Wiimote and J2Kbr I created a script to mimic the "bravo" settings wiimote+nunchuck of the wii(u) cod games (ghosts, blackops 2, modern warfare 3, black ops, modern warfare reflex and world at war) for the PS3 but this script will also work for PS4, XBOX 360 and XBOX One. The first version of my script I posted in the c o n t r o l l e r m a x forums (their "publish script to library" function in gtuner suspiciously did not work) and the overfortyclan forums. I removed my scripts from c o n t r o l l e r m a x and only publish them in the c o n s o l e t u n e r Titan One library. In the Titan One forums I posted information about the wii sensorbar that is needed for operating the wiimote. I knew of both the controllermax dongle and the titan one dongle (and the dispute between the two). Initially I choose (and purchased) the controllermax dongle because of their claim of a bigger community and better support. However to me the controllermax "staff" appeared evasive and suspicious about the api, library, a couple of software/website bugs I informed them about, future fixes and future updates, as well as arrogant and rude in their communication towards me (and others). After asking the same questions in the Titan One forums of c o n s o l e t u n e r, I not only got (more detailed) answers, I also noticed there were software updates and even my request to have deadzone settings in MaxAIM DI was added to the new version over night. For now I assume that the Titan One team is the original developer and has the source code of the firmware, gtuner and the plugins. Based on this information I purchased a Titan One dongle and my scripts also worked on it. Hence I removed my old scripts from c o n t r o l l e r m a x and only publish my scripts in the c o n s o l e t u n e r Titan One library. (c) 2014 (c) 2015 OFC-Giorgio - All right reserved ONLY PUBLISHED ON (makers of the Titan One usb dongle) NO RIGHTS TO PUBLISH ELSEWHERE WITHOUT WRITTEN CONSENT OF THE AUTHOR


Kniightmaare's Simply_A_Good_Shooter_Mod
Ver 1.0a by kniightmaare
I know its been a long time guys, and for thos of you who know me or remember me, I'm coming back to scripting so here yall go, first one off the line!! optimized for Call of Dutys / Battlefield comes a very simple yet powerful script.... Simply_A_Good_Shooter features NO Recoile When AIMING ONLY, Rapid Fire ON/OFF with the tap of L2(light will blink ontop of controller when ON) and of coarse "INSTAFIRE & INSTAAIM" good luck and have fun!! hit the green thumbs up if you enjoy!! =] -Kniightmaare


Ver 1.1 by Rize77
Rapid Fire / Anti Recoil 3 Mode Script.. Easy on and off features . I was looking for a script that allowed Rapid Fire and adjustable Anti Recoil on the fly,for when you run out of ammo and need to pick up a weapon. I added 2 Anti Recoil Options in the script that you can customize. One for AR's and the other for SMG's. So no matter the weapon your holding you can easily switch between scripts without having to take your hands off the Controller. Light Bar changes color to show what script is currently running. Blue = No Script Red = Rapid Fire Green = Anti Recoil 1 Purple = Anti Recoil 2 L2 + LEFT ON D PAD TURN ON AND OFF RAPID FIRE L2 + UP ON D PAD TURN ON AND OFF ANTI RECOIL 1 L2 + RIGHT ON D PAD TURN ON AND OFF ANTI RECOIL 2 Feel free to share and modify as needed. -Rize Special Thanks To Neil Amouyal & Knightmare for their portions of code used to make this script.


COD Advanced Warfare (AW) v2.5.2
Ver 2.5.2 by UK_Wildcats_Fans
This is an updated to my version 2.4 script. Version 2.5.1 added change to make the main loop 1mS vs the default 10mS. Refined reload when using auto sprint by allowing more time to reload. This one is based upon PS4 and TACTICAL FLIPPED button layout, and it can be easily tailored to meet your console and button layouts. The following MODS can be turned ON/OFF while in game play using the ADS and DPAD buttons: Rapid Fire, Jitter, Auto-Dash and Quick Scope. IMR Quick Reload can be turned on/off with the Rapid Fire. Anti-Recoil, Double Jump, Akimbo Single shot & Akimbo Rapid Fire can be turned on with CROUCH and DPAD. Auto Sprint, Drop Shot and Quick Melee can be turned on/off within the script are set to ON by default. The script also includes ADS & SHOOTING button sensitivity increase along with increased look around times. See the script comments for credits. See the forum link “Announcement Topic” for more information.