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Battlefield 3 wiimote script (cod bravo settings)
Ver 20141105-1 by OFC-Giorgio
(c) 2014 OFC-Giorgio - All right reserved ONLY PUBLISHED ON (makers of the Titan One usb dongle) NO RIGHTS TO PUBLISH ELSEWHERE WITHOUT WRITTEN CONSENT OF THE AUTHOR Based on the scripts of wiimote Fuzzy, Wiimote3, Wiimote and J2Kbr I created a script to mimic the "bravo" settings wiimote+nunchuck of the wii(u) cod games (ghosts, blackops 2, modern warfare 3, black ops, modern warfare reflex and world at war) for PS3 Battlefield 3 but this script can easily be altered for the PS4, XBOX 360 and XBOX One. The first version of my script I posted in the c o n t r o l l e r m a x forums (their "publish script to library" function in gtuner suspiciously did not work) and the overfortyclan forums. I removed my scripts from c o n t r o l l e r m a x and only publish them in the c o n s o l e t u n e r Titan One library. In the Titan One forums I posted information about the wii sensorbar that is needed for operating the wiimote. I knew of both the controllermax dongle and the titan one dongle (and the dispute between the two). Initially I choose (and purchased) the controllermax dongle because of their claim of a bigger community and better support. However to me the controllermax "staff" appeared evasive and suspicious about the api, library, a couple of software/website bugs I informed them about, future fixes and future updates, as well as arrogant and rude in their communication towards me (and others). After asking the same questions in the Titan One forums of c o n s o l e t u n e r, I not only got (more detailed) answers, I also noticed there were software updates and even my request to have deadzone settings in MaxAIM DI was added to the new version over night. For now I assume that the Titan One team is the original developer and has the source code of the firmware, gtuner and the plugins. Based on this information I purchased a Titan One dongle and my scripts also worked on it. Hence I removed my old scripts from c o n t r o l l e r m a x and only publish my scripts in the c o n s o l e t u n e r Titan One library. (c) 2014 OFC-Giorgio - All right reserved ONLY PUBLISHED ON (makers of the Titan One usb dongle) NO RIGHTS TO PUBLISH ELSEWHERE WITHOUT WRITTEN CONSENT OF THE AUTHOR


No Recoil
Ver 1.00 by hackmaster3282
Features verticle and horizontal adjustments


Ver 1.7 by CypherNova139
Sometimes the game's camera controls don't work for me, depending on the field of view I'm currently viewing. This script allows you to change to normal or inverted camera controls at any time, without using the game's options menus. Supports any controller. Controls: R3 (Default): Switch between saved profiles on the fly. While holding Select: L1/L2/R1/R2: Select what axises to invert. (See comments for all controls; both sticks are supported.)


Ver 1 by jewfire
RapidFire on R2 only while holding down L2.(LED indicator when activated) RapidFire on Square when double tapped. (LED Indicator when activated) Autospot= While L2 is held down it will auto spot enemy's by spamming the R3 key.


Ver PS3.: 2.01v by Baby Cham
To celebrate the remastered version of THE LAST OF US, here is my script. Had it for some time but decided to publish. As you all can see the triggers and bumpers are remapped to MY liking as I prefer to use the triggers for aiming and shooting instead. Note: when R2 is pressed, it aims and shoot simultaneously, L2/aim button still function as normal. Double click the Square button to activate melee, double click again to deactivate. Sensitivity is reduce by 5% when either of the trigger buttons are pressed. Can be increased if desired. Press L3 to activate stealth walk to creep-up on unsuspecting enemies or to move silently. Can be adjusted to your liking, and again press L3 to deactivate stealth walk. Six Axis is used to automatically "look" when prompted within game. Move left stick in any direction for auto sprint when the game lets you (no more holding L1 to run). Rapid fire on R2, Square and Cross button. Tapping R1 would auto refill your health when health packs are selected.


BF4 - RapidFire On/Off LED | AutoRun | AutoSpot On/Off LED | AutoBreath | Anti-Recoil
Ver 2.0 by HardcoreGamer
This Script has almost everything you need to start owning on BattleField 4. It has Rapid Fire, AutoRun, AutoSpot with on off option just in case your menu starts acting up when you die in game, it also has Auto Breath really useful when your snipping and last but not least Anti-Recoil. To turn AutoSpot On/Off - Tap RB for XB1 for PS4 Tap R1 for XB360 Tap Back and for PS3 Tap Select. Anti-recoil only when your scoping. When auto spot is on its turns color cyan and when it's off it turns back to its default color which is blue, and when both mods are on your gonna see the color light cyan and magenta slowly blinking, if you don't want the LED on AutoSpot read the instructions on the script so you can remove it if you like.


Watch Dogs - RapidFire On/Off with LED | ADS Sensitivity Adjustable | Anti-Recoil | QuickScope
Ver 1.02 by HardcoreGamer
Here's a watch dogs script with rapid fire, ADS Sensitivity Adjustable it helps increase/decrease your aiming speed, Anti-Recoil it will reduce the knock back of weapons and Quick Scope to snipe your enemies quick at close range. SENSITIVITY - INCREASE Adjustable use LT + D-pad UP to increase / LT+ D-pad DOWN to decrease Hold VIEW , then hold MENU to turn RAPIDFIRE ON / OFF. If RAPIDFIRE is ON the LED Should turn Purple, If LED 1 goes off it turns blue. The opposite if RAPIDFIRE is OFF. Whenever you get in the car or your running disable your rapidfire or your car won't go full speed and you wont be able to run. To QuickScope hold & release LT on your XB1 or XB360 Controller, for PS3/PS4 hold and release L2.


PS4 Rapid Fire + L1/L2 & R1/R2 Trigger swap
Ver 1.00 by Starrett
This script swaps L1 with L2 and R1 with R2 to give more of a Dualshock 3 layout. A rapid fire is then applied to the main trigger. Script is based on "CM Tutorial 1" by KittyDawn. Many thanks to KittyDawn for making it available.


Ver 0.1b by renfrozodiac
Does lots of things including full LED customization and others. Is not done yet, read the comments at the beginning of the script.


PS4 CoD GHOST HoneyBadger Anti-Recoil Rapid Fire setting
Ver 1.2 by Sammyto
The setting for the rapid fire has been adjusted for the Assault Rifle Honey Badger, the effect will cause the weapon to fire a tiny bit slower but will shoot flawlessly without any recoil (the rapid fire is set to R1 but can be changed to R2 in the script)