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BO2 FAL OSW Rapid FIre
Ver 1 by Valant
Title says it all. Toggle: RT + Right D-Pad Rumble upon toggle


The Division Easy Material Conversion
Ver 1.00 by The_Rabid_Taco
Simply go to the material you want to convert and hold PS4 = Triangle, X-Box = Y to convert materials. Keep holding to keep converting. If you run out it will simply keep going with an error message saying you have no more of that material to convert, so no need to worry about it going to something you don't want it too.


Destiny Script With Shade Step Glitch
Ver 1.00 by The_Rabid_Taco
Script by request, allows for full auto, anti-recoil, and Shade Step glitch in Destiny. Instructions within the script, should work on all consoles.


Full Destiny Script [Autofire, Rapid Mele, Auto Run, Quick Scope, and More]
Ver 1.2 by The_Rabid_Taco
This is a full script for Destiny that was written to include options for Full Rapid Fire, Turbo Mele, Auto Run, Quick Scope, and more! Please read through the comments both at the beginning of the code and throughout the script as it is heavily commented to allow for easy changing and explanation of what is taking place. I'd like to say thanks to whit77cali as a lot of my ideas and initial learning of the Titan One language came from his script ( Please let me know if you find this helpful or if there are any suggestions for changes / additions.


The Division Advanced
Ver 2.3 by The_Rabid_Taco
Built off the original script by bonefisher ( this script is for The Division. This will allow for Quick Switch to Handgun, Rapid Fire, Auto Sprint, Auto Ladder Slide, Anti-Recoil, Auto Scope, Auto Enemy Marking, Strafe Aim Assist, and Script Toggling. The values are stored persistent and will remain even if the Titan One is removed from the console. I've done my best to make sure that this will work for both PlayStation and X-Box consoles, but do not have an X-Box so please let me know if there are changes that need made for that. Details on how to enable or disable the mods are included in script comments. Please send feedback and I'll try to address any issues as possible. Most importantly, HAVE FUN!


Convert Digital in Analog Input V 1.1 Titanone
Ver 1.1 by teddy18
Update 14.03.2016 This works without Plugin MaxAimDI only Titanone device * Convert Digital in Analog Input V 1.1 Titanone 14.3.2016 * By Dj Teddy Spacel Thanks at Consoletuner Team and J2Kbr


Destiny - with primary, special and heavy auto-fire support
Ver 1.1 by whit77cali
This script will track what weapon you have equipped so you can independently turn on/off auto-fire for your primary, special and Heavy weapons. Check it out - I hope you like it!


Battlefield 4 wiimote script (cod bravo settings with alpha reload function)
Ver 20160204-1 by OFC-Giorgio
(c) 2014 (c) 2015 (c) 2016 OFC-Giorgio - All right reserved ONLY PUBLISHED ON (makers of the Titan One usb dongle) NO RIGHTS TO PUBLISH ELSEWHERE WITHOUT WRITTEN CONSENT OF THE AUTHOR Based on the scripts of wiimote Fuzzy, Wiimote3, Wiimote and J2Kbr I created a script to mimic the "bravo" settings wiimote+nunchuck of the wii(u) cod games (ghosts, blackops 2, modern warfare 3, black ops, modern warfare reflex and world at war) for PS3 Battlefield 4 but this script will also work for PS4, XBOX 360 and XBOX One. The first version of my script I posted in the c o n t r o l l e r m a x forums (their "publish script to library" function in gtuner suspiciously did not work) and the overfortyclan forums. I removed my scripts from c o n t r o l l e r m a x and only publish them in the c o n s o l e t u n e r Titan One library. In the Titan One forums I posted information about the wii sensorbar that is needed for operating the wiimote. I knew of both the controllermax dongle and the titan one dongle (and the dispute between the two). Initially I choose (and purchased) the controllermax dongle because of their claim of a bigger community and better support. However to me the controllermax "staff" appeared evasive and suspicious about the api, library, a couple of software/website bugs I informed them about, future fixes and future updates, as well as arrogant and rude in their communication towards me (and others). After asking the same questions in the Titan One forums of c o n s o l e t u n e r, I not only got (more detailed) answers, I also noticed there were software updates and even my request to have deadzone settings in MaxAIM DI was added to the new version over night. For now I assume that the Titan One team is the original developer and has the source code of the firmware, gtuner and the plugins. Based on this information I purchased a Titan One dongle and my scripts also worked on it. Hence I removed my old scripts from c o n t r o l l e r m a x and only publish my scripts in the c o n s o l e t u n e r Titan One library. (c) 2014 (c) 2015 (c) 2016 OFC-Giorgio - All right reserved ONLY PUBLISHED ON (makers of the Titan One usb dongle) NO RIGHTS TO PUBLISH ELSEWHERE WITHOUT WRITTEN CONSENT OF THE AUTHOR


PS4 Black Ops 3 Wiimote - Alpha Settings
Ver 1.00 by DaddyB-Memo
This script manages the Alpha Wiimote settings from the Wii(U) releases of Call of Duty. Customized features for Black Ops 3 include the following: 1) Press A, then C, together to activate Reload/Use; 2) Double-click Plus to activate Specialist Weapon; 3) Double-click-and-hold Minus to use Hack in Campaign mode -- maintain the button press while lighting up targets then release Minus to activate. To achieve this cleanly, there's a tradeoff of a 250ms delay before a legitimate Lethal or Tactical is activated. On the plus side, no Wiimote twisting is required.


COD Bo3 Jitter Mod [PS4]
Ver 1.0 by DavilaDarkness
Shotgun like a machine-gun.