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AFK GTA Online Money Glitch
Ver 2.00 by Saint
Earn 1.4 Million Dollars an hour by running this and walking away


GTA: Online AIMBOT + AIM and SHOOT before other players.
Ver 1.00 by Saint
GTA V Mod Pack. First AIMBOT like this and the AIM and SHOOT before other players is amazing. The AIMBOT can be better and i'm going to keep updating this script.


Ver 1.00 by Brunissimus
Gears 5 script for XBOX ONE This script includes: +Auto Tag +Pistol Rapidfire +Swap RS>B+RAPIDFIRE -Setup Use any control scheme or remap, just be shure to keep "melee to B", "scope to RS", "aiming to LT" and "tagging to LS". -How to use *The RS (right stick click) swap to B+RAPIDFIRE: melee pressing RS, while using the direcional. *B+RAPIDFIRE(pressing RS): rapifire B used to Lancer duels. **AIMING/HOLDING LEFT TRIGGER WILL DISABLE "RS swap to B+RAPIDFIRE" and perform "AUTO TAG": scope normal on RS. *Pistol RAPIDFIRE activates pressing D-pad down and DEACTIVATES pressing ANY other D-pad direction.


Diablo 3 - Kanai's Cube Reforge To Primal Script
Ver 1.0 by GODDARD
DIABLO 3 Reforge Script Developed this script for using Kanai's Cube to reforge items to get primal versions. This is geared towards the console version (non-season) as you can dupe crafting items. To use, go to Kanai's Cube to reforge and item. Place the item you would like to reforge. Hit the left stick to start the script that is timed to hit A to reforge and then delayed to hit A again once the reforged item is shown. I would run this until I see the Red Primal outline on the reforged item then hit the left stick again to stop the script. I was able to reforge all items to primal without smashing the A button a thousand times. GODDARD


AFK GTA Online - Inside Track Horse Race Bid Glitch - Horse #1 - Possible Patch
Ver 2.0 by GODDARD
8/3/2019 - WARNING - R* is starting to "ban" people from casino games with "not available right now". No longer able to bet on casino games. To use: 1st: Go to the Casino racing tables, sit down and press A to place a bet. 2nd: Move your cursor under the RULES button. 3rd: Press Y to start the loop, sit back, go outside, take a nap, whatever, and come back to loads of chips. The script will select the #1 horse on the roster, go to raise the bid, holding the raise bid option, it will cycle to start the race. Though the screen will show a deduction of $100-$300 chips, in the background during the race, the glitch will raise it to max bid. If the horse wins, you reap the benefit of max payout, if you lose it only takes out the $100-$300. ****CREDITS TO SAINT FOR BASELINE SCRIPT IDEA.***


Rianbow Antirecoil Best Coming soon Script
Ver 1.0 by OpGreece
Coming soon Script


Asedio de Rainbow 6
Ver year4 by Vennum11


Black ops 4 MOG12 jitter (version 2 & version 1 included) and Ballistic Knives jitter (mog12 now patched)
Ver 2.0 by My_Eggplant_got_her
***ATTENTION: as of Aug 6th 2019 the mog12 jitters I did have been patched once again. But the ballistic knives jitter still works. And I will leave the script and info in the library in case it's helpful for future cod MP games.*** Hello community, it's R1CH516 on PSN a.k.a. iK1LLPEEPLE4FUN on XB a.k.a. My_Eggplant_Got_Her a.k.a. i<3HerSloppyTop ............ These are my rewritten jitters for the mog12 after the latest patch on June 25th 2019 blocked my last one. And a new jitter I wrote for the Ballistic knives............. USE RUIN OR COMBAT AXE AND ALWAYS USE GUNG-HO for jitters to work properly!!! Mog12 jitter will also need ammo to reload to work. And ballistic knives jitter will not need ammo to work, but you will need the EXTRA BLADES ATTACHMENT and it will not work if you jump............ .... Auto sprint and instant slide (slides by just tapping crouch) included in this script. As well as reload canceling, so you can hit trigger during any point of a reload and instantly fire. EVEN if you turn jitters off for use with regular weapons! Auto reload included with the Mog12 jitter............. .... I also included my own built in anti recoil for both of the mog12 jiiters. It's optimal for use with stick sensitivity set to 8 (HIGH) in game options cuz that's what I use and that's what I wrote the anti recoil movements for. Plus I mapped a shortcut for specialist ability to be activated by pressing L3/LS + R3/RS at the same time. This way your fingers never have to leave the triggers. But you can still activate specialists the normal way too. And I also included Active Aim Assist - so the in-game aim assist is working even when you're standing still. It's what causes a very slight screen shake only when standing still. But instructions on how to remove this (for those who don't need it) from the script are in the script itself towards the middle-top part of the script - in green text. Press and hold L1 /LB, then Dpad Left to turn MOG12 jitter version 2 off and on. Press and hold L1 /LB, then Dpad Up to turn MOG12 version1 on and off............. Press and hold L1 /LB, then Dpad down to turn ballistic knife jitter on and off. MOG12 version 2 jitter on by default. MOG12 version 2 is faster, but for those who may prefer a slower jitter version 1 is included too. These current jitters aren't the fastest I've made, but are what I was able to make after the patches AND in the right hands still get the job done. I've had no issues getting my snipers nest killstreaks with these lol. Hope you like it. ;-)


Fortnite AFK
Ver 1.0 by NotZure
This script allows you to gain XP while AFK


The Golf Club 2019 helper
Ver 1.2 by Sitava
Controls: RT = swing Right on right stick and LT = add 10ms to the backswing variable Left on right stick and LT = -10ms to the backswing variable Down on left stick and LT = reset variable to 750 With beginner clubs, nearly all shots but chip and punch will be perfect / perfect. Some small adjustment to the backswing will ensure perfect shots. Use RS to check the swing before actually hitting.