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Rapid Fire Suite + Hair Trigger Mod
Ver 1.00 by namouyal
Hair Trigger Mod always on. Three Different AutoFire Modes for PS4_R2. You can modify this script quite easily just define FIRE_BUTTON as something else. Options + Square = Auto Fire Slow [LED = Red] (perfect for Destiny Mida Multi-tool, I also use for shotguns) Options + Triangle = Auto Fire Mid [LED = Purple] (perfect for Destiny Pulse Rifles like Red Death, shotguns) Options + Circle = Auto Fire FAST [LED = Green] (perfect for fast firing weapons like the Wolves Leash and other quick-fire scouts) Also... The three different modes make for interesting Vault of Glass or GraveRobber sparrow acceleration. Move really fast and use R2 Acceleration almost endlessly! I'm sure I will use this auto-fire suite on different games. At the very least, when there is a weapon I want to choose the best of the three rapid-fire options for it.. so I play around until I find the right Auto-fire Speed. Enjoy!


Assetto Corsa Flicker Lights
Ver Awsome Fix Why? by Kia7L
Have Any Type Of Flashing Lights, Morse Code, Hazards, etc... Must Modify Setup For Proper Use, Should Have 3 -4 Types of combos Use - PS3 Thrustmaster Joystick EBrake.(Set Up Right).RY_PS3 TO Lever.. Type- Car Head Lights- XB360_A = Default Lights....


XB1 controller on PS4
Ver 1.00 by GOAT
Use the xbox one controller on the ps4 with standard settings. Mapped the ps4 touch pad button to the xbox one right stick.


Cross Channel Looper
Ver 1 by Sitava
This is to automate the achievement for having the story loop 100 times. It will run 18 loops before you reach the bad ending. At that point, press A to pass the end screen and make sure you save data (top option) Load save 5 if using the XboxAchievements walkthrough or load your loop save.


COD Advanced Warfare (AW) v2.4
Ver 2.4 by UK_Wildcats_Fans
This is an updated to my version 2.4 script. Version 2.4 adds Akimbo mods. This one is based upon PS4 and TACTICAL FLIPPED button layout, and it can be easily tailored to meet your console and button layouts. The following MODS can be turned ON/OFF while in game play using the ADS and DPAD buttons: Rapid Fire, Jitter, Auto-Dash and Quick Scope. IMR Quick Reload can be turned on/off with the Rapid Fire. Anti-Recoil, Double Jump, Akimbo Single shot & Akimbo Rapid Fire can be turned on with CROUCH and DPAD. Auto Sprint, Drop Shot and Quick Melee can be turned on/off within the script are set to ON by default. The script also includes ADS & SHOOTING button sensitivity increase along with increased look around times. See the script comments for credits. See the forum link “Announcement Topic” for more information.


DualShock 4 LED Bar Color Toggling by Swiping the Touchpad
Ver 1.0 by perfecthuntr
This script is similar to the previous two, except that the color toggling is done with swipe gestures on the touchpad. It will remember your previous color and can be used with other scripts to maintain the same color when changing memory slots. To toggle forward through colors, swipe up on the touchpad; to toggle backward, swipe down.


Akimbo Rapid Fire w/ Anti-recoil
Ver v1 by Valant
This is a toggle-able Akimbo rapid fire (Y), which then switches to regular rapid fire. It has anti-recoil, so when firing the guns it won't go up. This will need to be adjusted.


PS4 Destiny Mida Multitool Rapid Fire on ADS w/ Anti Recoil on/off switch
Ver 1.00 by Destiny_70
Runs perfectly. I use 5 sensitivity so I have 30% to the Anti Recoil makes it near perfect. RapidFire runs without a hitch. Both only run when in ADS. Dpad up turns combos on with the LED Dpad down turns combos off as well as the LED Mida Multitool with this script is smooth as silk and a headshot machine. Last night I averaged about 2.0 k/d while I am usually around 1.2 regardless of weapon. This was in IB. Enjoy. Edit, I would probably drop the recoil to 25 as I find it tough to track jumpers while in ADS with all the downward force.


DualShock 4 LED Bar Color Toggles with Recall
Ver 1.0 by perfecthuntr
This script is similar to the previous one, except that this script will remember your previous color and can be used with other scripts to maintain the same color when changing memory slots. To toggle forward through colors, tap TRIANGLE; to toggle backward, tap CROSS.


DualShock 4 LED Bar Color Toggles
Ver 1.0 by perfecthuntr
This GPC script lets you cycle through all the possible LED bar colors on the DualShock 4 controller. Read the comments in the script to see how to toggle the various colors. Press DOWN on the d-pad for a fun rainbow effect!