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Destiny - with primary, special and heavy auto-fire support
Ver 1.1 by whit77cali
This script will track what weapon you have equipped so you can independently turn on/off auto-fire for your primary, special and Heavy weapons. Check it out - I hope you like it!


Helldivers (Stratagem, Autorun, Ressurect, Melee)
Ver 1.2a by Shaag7
Functions: Stratagem macros(4 profiles), Autorun, TurboRessurect, TurboMelee. You can manually change your preferred stratagems for each profile (1-4). You can switch between profiles using R3 + DPAD. Each profile lights different led colors. Special Stratagems are in common for all profiles. TurboMelee & TurboRess will press Circle/Cross button fast when you hold them. AutoRun can be switched On/Off by pressing L3 and R3 together.


Castle Crashers All you can Quaff Easy Win
Ver 1.00 by 乃ԾЦㄎ
This script will allow you to easily win any match of All you can Quaff. just hold RS, LS and press A when you finish a Food Item. I am unsure if this works for Castle Crashers Remastered Edition, you can try it.


Battleblock Theater Anti-Conveyor Belt Mod
Ver 1.03 by 乃ԾЦㄎ
This script will allow you to walk through a Conveyor Belt as if it is not even there. For example, Trolls will have Conveyor Belts in them to send you to your death, but with this script, you will no longer have to worry about that. To use this ability, hold LB while on a Conveyor Belt. To use normal jumping, just press A. Works with any Controller.


Battleblock Theater Glide Mod (Xbox 360 only)
Ver 1.02 by 乃ԾЦㄎ
This simple Script allows the player to glide while holding the Y Button. To use, press LS while in the air, to use the normal Relief, just press Y. As an added bonus the RS Button is also Turbo, so holding RS will make the player call for help insanely fast. (For normal Call for Help use LT) I do not recommend this in an arena mach, due to how unfair of an advantage it can be, but using it in Trolls is fair, cause they are trolls, and this can be useful for getting out of a troll.


PS4 Controller Light Bar turns red when Rumble is activated
Ver 1.10 by 乃ԾЦㄎ
This script makes the PS4 (or Dualshock 4) Controller Light Bar turn red when the rumble is activated. The default color is Green but both colors can be changed. UPDATE 1.10 | Fixed PS4 Light bar flashing when rumble is active | Fixed Title | Fixed Description


Vibrator - Valentine's Day Special
Ver <3 by GTAthrowawayaccount
This script makes your controller vibrate nonstop


PS4 Fallout 4 Dupe and Scrap Script
Ver 1.0 by BlueForce
To use: Go up to the workshop with the shipment already in hand and hold R1, it will press square to open workshop and as you continue to hold R1 it will dupe copper. I've noticed that when you reach around 20k copper, the game begins to lag and you will lose your shipment so you should keep an eye on this to stop it when it reach that amount. Then go to your scrap and build spot - Open the workshop with the touch pad, go to the statues and then the baseball one. Then aim around mid back as and hold L1, it will start scrapping and placing new ones while you hold L1.


PS4 Dying Light (Old-Head FPS Controls)
Ver 1.0 by Cereal420Killer
Couch is R3, Kick is Circle, Jump is X, Aim is L2, Swap Weapons is Triangle, Sense is R1, Look Behind/Repair is L1. All the others are not changed. This is how I play FPS games ever since original halo, and this game shouldn't be any different. Thank you Titan One for complete customization.


Battlefield 4 wiimote script (cod bravo settings with alpha reload function)
Ver 20160204-1 by OFC-Giorgio
(c) 2014 (c) 2015 (c) 2016 OFC-Giorgio - All right reserved ONLY PUBLISHED ON (makers of the Titan One usb dongle) NO RIGHTS TO PUBLISH ELSEWHERE WITHOUT WRITTEN CONSENT OF THE AUTHOR Based on the scripts of wiimote Fuzzy, Wiimote3, Wiimote and J2Kbr I created a script to mimic the "bravo" settings wiimote+nunchuck of the wii(u) cod games (ghosts, blackops 2, modern warfare 3, black ops, modern warfare reflex and world at war) for PS3 Battlefield 4 but this script will also work for PS4, XBOX 360 and XBOX One. The first version of my script I posted in the c o n t r o l l e r m a x forums (their "publish script to library" function in gtuner suspiciously did not work) and the overfortyclan forums. I removed my scripts from c o n t r o l l e r m a x and only publish them in the c o n s o l e t u n e r Titan One library. In the Titan One forums I posted information about the wii sensorbar that is needed for operating the wiimote. I knew of both the controllermax dongle and the titan one dongle (and the dispute between the two). Initially I choose (and purchased) the controllermax dongle because of their claim of a bigger community and better support. However to me the controllermax "staff" appeared evasive and suspicious about the api, library, a couple of software/website bugs I informed them about, future fixes and future updates, as well as arrogant and rude in their communication towards me (and others). After asking the same questions in the Titan One forums of c o n s o l e t u n e r, I not only got (more detailed) answers, I also noticed there were software updates and even my request to have deadzone settings in MaxAIM DI was added to the new version over night. For now I assume that the Titan One team is the original developer and has the source code of the firmware, gtuner and the plugins. Based on this information I purchased a Titan One dongle and my scripts also worked on it. Hence I removed my old scripts from c o n t r o l l e r m a x and only publish my scripts in the c o n s o l e t u n e r Titan One library. (c) 2014 (c) 2015 (c) 2016 OFC-Giorgio - All right reserved ONLY PUBLISHED ON (makers of the Titan One usb dongle) NO RIGHTS TO PUBLISH ELSEWHERE WITHOUT WRITTEN CONSENT OF THE AUTHOR