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PS4 Destiny Mida Multitool Rapid Fire on ADS w/ Anti Recoil on/off switch
Ver 1.00 by Destiny_70
Runs perfectly. I use 5 sensitivity so I have 30% to the Anti Recoil makes it near perfect. RapidFire runs without a hitch. Both only run when in ADS. Dpad up turns combos on with the LED Dpad down turns combos off as well as the LED Mida Multitool with this script is smooth as silk and a headshot machine. Last night I averaged about 2.0 k/d while I am usually around 1.2 regardless of weapon. This was in IB. Enjoy. Edit, I would probably drop the recoil to 25 as I find it tough to track jumpers while in ADS with all the downward force.


DualShock 4 LED Bar Color Toggles with Recall
Ver 1.0 by perfecthuntr
This script is similar to the previous one, except that this script will remember your previous color and can be used with other scripts to maintain the same color when changing memory slots. To toggle forward through colors, tap TRIANGLE; to toggle backward, tap CROSS.


DualShock 4 LED Bar Color Toggles
Ver 1.0 by perfecthuntr
This GPC script lets you cycle through all the possible LED bar colors on the DualShock 4 controller. Read the comments in the script to see how to toggle the various colors. Press DOWN on the d-pad for a fun rainbow effect!


SpaceBalls BF4 M/K Compiled MultiScript
Ver 1.01 by spaceball
A Compilation Of All Your Favorites For Use With M/K. *Toggle Auto Burst Fire*Toggle Auto Spot*Quick Melee*Auto Run*LED Indicators Credit Goes To All Those Scriptors At Still working out some kinks...............................


Accessibility: 3DS stick hard-wired to XBOX 360 joypad
Ver 1.00 by SpecialEffect
Method of using a low-profile 3DS thumb-stick with a Titan One for use on Xbox and Playstation. Corrects the Y-axis (if connected in a reversed manner). Ramps up sensitivity. Creates a larger dead-zone. For more on accessible gaming, see SpecialEffect at


Custom Button Layout C.o.d. Advanced Warfare For Use With Xbox or PS4 Controller on PS4
Ver 2.17 by missesrosecakes
I wrote out for use on my alternative xbox controller that has both the joysticks on top and directional pad and buttons below. Perfect layout for me with this controller. (: *Most likely button placement won't be suitable with a regular controller joystick design. Here is a nice base layout for buttons so you can see my pattern and replace and test with your choice of button placement. Wish someone else had a layout posted for me so here you go (: (Script says PS4 button names because I am using controller for my PS4 and it was easier for me to recognize while editing. It doesn't matter which system though, as long as you know PS4 button names; Triangle=Y Circle=B Cross=A Square=X L1,L2,L3=LT,LB,LS R1,R2,R3=RT,RB,RS I switched from having share button compatible with Touch Pad Press. (I felt it necessary because it was a choice between the two on my controller and there are certain menu options you need access to the touch pad for.) ***Here we have A(Cross) as B(Circle), -To Jump B(Circle) as Y(Triangle), -To Crouch X(Square) as A(Cross), -To Reload RS(R3) as X(Square), -To Punch (Punch on joystick is stupid IMO) RS(R3) as RT(R1), -To Run & Boost (I like this setting a lot better than default to be honest, give it a try and if you don't like it just erase this line in the script. *TIP: You must click it and move the joystick forward or sideways as normal to activate exo dashing. In your GTunes options enable/activate auto-run or press-sensitivity run! Well enough said, Here it is...


COD Advanced Warfare (AW) v2.2
Ver 2.2 by UK_Wildcats_Fans
This is an updated to my version 2.0 script. Version 2.2 adds double jump and refined auto sprint. This one is based upon PS4 and TACTICAL FLIPPED button layout, and it can be easily tailored to meet your console and button layouts. The following MODS can be turned ON/OFF while in game play using the ADS and DPAD buttons: Rapid Fire, Jitter, Auto-Dash and Quick Scope. IMR Quick Reload can be turned on/off with the Rapid Fire. Anti-Recoil & Double Jump can be turned on with R3 and DPAD. Auto Sprint, Drop Shot and Quick Melee can be turned on/off within the script are set to ON by default. The script also includes ADS & SHOOTING button sensitivity increase along with increased look around times. See the script comments for credits. See the forum link “Announcement Topic” for more information.


Xbox one ctrl on 360
Ver 1.0 by xXDUNNKILLED1Xx
Use a xbox one controller on a xbox 360


XB1 controller on PS4
Ver 1.1 by xXDUNNKILLED1Xx
This allows a xbox one controller to be used on a ps4, no rapid fire or any mods just standard controlls


GTA V Cheat Codes and Auto-Jog + Auto-Sprint (STORY MODE ONLY)
Ver 1.2 by perfecthuntr
THIS IS FOR STORY MODE ONLY! There are no cheat codes for GTA Online! This script stores a number of cheat codes in GTA V and allows you to input them extremely quickly and by only pressing 2 buttons. It also has auto-jog and auto-sprint capabilities just like the official GamePack. Push the movement stick forward and press the sprint button once to jog. Press the sprint button a second time to sprint. Release the stick to stop jogging/sprinting. To activate cheats, you must hold down the activation button (set to PS4_TOUCH but easily reconfigurable for other systems) and then press one of the following: D-Pad Up = Raise Wanted Level D-Pad Down = Lower Wanted Level D-Pad Left = Skyfall D-Pad Right = Moon Gravity L1 = Invincibility for 5 minutes L2 = Slow Motion while aiming R1 = Max Health & Armor R2 = Give Weapons & Ammo L3 = Change Weather R3 = Recharge Special Ability Triangle = Spawn Buzzard Attack Helicopter Cross = Spawn Comet sports car Square = Spawn Stunt Plane Circle = Spawn PCJ-600 motorcycle