Driveclub / G25

Simple script to use a G25 with driveclub on PS4. Credit to 32kbr for getting me doing in the right direction.
Publish DateSun, 30 Aug 2015 - 04:15
Last UpdateSun, 30 Aug 2015 - 04:15



Release Notes: Initial.
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/* *
* Driveclub & G25 wheel, PS4
* To adjust:
* 1) Coment out sensitivity and set the deadzone first.
     Raise/lower the value. Too low and there's no response at all with small movements from center.
     Too high and you have overly sensitive steering off wheel center. It's twitcy and uncontrollable.
     Ideal is a small amount of movement around center.
* 2) Re-enable sensitivity, and drive a bit. You want to get as linear a feel as possible.
     Too low and you have to turn the wheel far more than feels natural.
     Too high and it feels like a button, you get to about 30 deg on the wheel and suddenly the car
     whizzes of the track. Boo.
* *********************************************************** */

define DEADZONE = 20;
main {
    // Remove the deadzone, you want enough removed so that without a sensitivity adjustment
    // you get movement with small wheel motion. Too little, and there's a dead spot at wheel center.
    if (abs(get_val(PS4_LX)) <= 1) set_val(PS4_LX, 0);
    deadzone(PS4_LX, PS4_LY, DEADZONE, 0);
    * Comment this out when tuning deadzone

    // 100 = 100%. So here we are leaving the midpoint at 50% and adjusting to 1.5x so that
    // we don't have to turn the wheel a million deg to drive.
    sensitivity(PS4_LX, 50, 150);