COD Infinite Warfare - NEW RACK 9 'Lethal' JITTER

This works after the latest patch! You will need the dexterity perk AND a lethal equipped for this jitter. For best results C4 is recommended. This jitter is almost as fast as the original non-tactical RACK 9 jitter by unjust and locraptor. A big thanks to locraptor (wdup raptor - it's R1CH516 from ps4 lol) for suggesting to use a lethal animation instead of a tactical animation in the combo block. I wrote this combo block myself based off of locraptors tip and it's the fastest I could get it to work in public matches. Please try it out =-) btw, if anyone out there has any ideas on how to enhance this even further.... please let me know so I can update this as well as give you credit! And you can use the C4 in a match AND continue to jitter without it. The jitter also works with the S-Ravage shotgun but I find it optimal with the Rack =-)
Publish DateSat, 11 Feb 2017 - 08:12
Last UpdateMon, 13 Feb 2017 - 03:44



Release Notes: Version 1.1 =The jitter is now updated so you can thow out C4 (or drone) AND not automatically detonate it when firing your gun. The C4 (or drone) will only explode when you detonate it manually! The jitter isn't perfect, but it should be just a bit more reliable overall =-) ***IMPORTANT NOTE: Be aware that all the current rack jitters may swap unintentionally when standing over a dropped weapon while firing the gun! When the prompt "press X (or square on PS4) to pick up such & such weapon" shows up and you fire you may swap to fists. The work around to this is to equip Rack9 as primary and S-ravage as secondary. You will jitter without the major issues by doing this. VERSION 1.2 = I removed a value the was left in error. Now all is corrected as intended and ready to go =-)
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// RACK 9 'LETHAL' JITTER. You NEED C4 and Dexterity for this jitter.
// This update will allow you to throw out C4 and not detonate it -
// automatically when firing. The C4 will only explode when manually detonated!
main {
if (get_val(PS4_R2)) {combo_run(RACK9);}
combo RACK9 {
    set_val(3, 50);
    set_val(6, 50);
    set_val(3, 50);
    set_val(20, 50);