GL0ZZ3N's 30 second wait time code for combos

I was not the only one who made a wait time code. This is GL0ZZ3N's wait time code. Credits goes to him for his original idea. This has 15 and 60 seconds wait time codes too. Please enjoy his script. - Token
Publish DateTue, 29 Apr 2014 - 21:56
Last UpdateTue, 29 Apr 2014 - 21:56



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// A demonstration of GL0ZZ3N's 30 second wait time code.
int Wait_Time;
    Wait_Time = 30000;// You will need this.
main {
if(get_val(19)) combo_run(LongWaitTime);// Press CROSS/A button to execute combo.
combo LongWaitTime {
    set_val(4, 100);// It will hold R2/RT for 30 seconds.
    wait(Wait_Time);//<<< GL0ZZ3N made the wait time exactly 30 seconds.
    set_val(7, 100);// It will hold L2/LT for 50ms.
    wait(50);//<<< This wait time is 50ms   
// If you want 15 seconds use wait(Wait_Time/(12-10));
// If you want 60 seconds use two wait(Wait_Time);
// Remove the set_vals to use it in your own combos. A creative and innovative idea by GL0ZZ3N.