Tactical strobe light for bf4 on ps4,

Tactical strobe lighting, this is a script which the flash light you mount to any in game guns, gets turn it into strode light. If you ever watch (Kick Ass) you will know how it effects your eyes. This a link to a YouTube video to show you the effects ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=okPir0dFXOo ). how it works is you press ( R3 (knife)) the set the flash light into strode, in a C,Q,B, in counts it should help you get the up hand and win firefights in a face to face setting. You will need to unlock the flash light for your gun it doesn't with the Tactic light and this may get you kicked. This a copy of the first time i try to post this but with better spelling and grammar. (this a copy of CypherNova139 one of script with the flashing LED disable)
Publish DateMon, 12 May 2014 - 11:21
Last UpdateFri, 16 May 2014 - 17:58



Release Notes: Remember to press R3 to stop the strobe light working, if the flash light is not attach or you have different attachment.
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define RATE_OF_FIRE = 8; // Range: 1 to 25 RPS (Round/s)
int rapidFireButton = PS4_L2;
define ComboButton = PS4_UP;
int rapid_onoff = TRUE;
int hold_time, rest_time;
int run;
init {
    hold_time = 500 / RATE_OF_FIRE;
    rest_time = hold_time - 20;
    if(rest_time < 0) rest_time = 0;
 main {
    if(event_press(PS4_R3)) rapid_onoff = !rapid_onoff;
    if(get_val(PS4_L2) && rapid_onoff) {combo_run(RapidFire);
    } else if(combo_running(RapidFire)) {combo_stop(RapidFire); }
// Combo
combo RapidFire {
    set_val(PS4_UP, 100);
    set_val(PS4_UP, 0);
    set_val(PS4_UP, 0);