Call of Duty Jitter Mod (Simple) For Xbox 360 and PS3

Just thought I'd upload this so everyone could get the gist of how the Jitter Mod works in code and in the game. I've set it with what I think is a good speed for the jitter, but change it how you like. It's pretty simple as far as everything goes. It resembles J2Kbr's code for the fact that I wanted everyone to understand the concept of the code and how it works. I tired my best to make it like his, without taking his code. If J2Kbr has a problem with this then I can take it down and change it if you want! Just send me a message man. To sum the code up, all it does is hold the trigger down and then press the Y or Triangle button continuously like a rapid fire button would do on your right trigger. This should really only work with Call of Duty games. I can't see it working with other shooters, but you can try. Leave any feedback whatsoever.
Publish DateThu, 25 Oct 2012 - 00:24
Last UpdateThu, 25 Oct 2012 - 00:24



Release Notes: Very simple. No crazyness, just simplicity.
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/* *
*  Super Simple Jitter Mod
*  I'll be making a better version of this later, I just want y'all to see how the jitter mod works (in code atleast).

define Activation = XB360_RT;
define Y_Button = XB360_Y;
define RATE_OF_FIRE =56;   // RPS or Rounds per second
int pause_time, rest_time;
// I'll be making this portion into shot per second at a later time, this is just a demonstration of how a jitter mod works.
init {
    pause_time = 500 / RATE_OF_FIRE;
    rest_time = pause_time - 20;
    if(rest_time < 0) rest_time = 0;
//Sees if the right trigger is held down, if it is then it will activate the Jitter (tapping the Y or Traiangle button) sequence.
main {
    if(get_val(Activation)) {
    } else if(combo_running(RightTrigger)) {
//Holds the Right Trigger Down for the Jitter sequence
combo RightTrigger {
    set_val(Activation, 100);
    if(get_val(Activation)) {
//Loops through hiting the Y or Triangle on your controller
combo Jitter {
    set_val(Y_Button, 100);
    set_val(Y_Button, 0);
    set_val(Y_Button, 0);