Saturn Pad (USB) button combos for Xbox One

The Saturn Pad has a Start button on its face, but no View/Back or Xbox Home/Guide buttons. This script maps button combinations to View and Home so that you'll have all the buttons you'd need for Killer Instinct and other fighting games. Left Shoulder + Start = View/Back Right Shoulder + Start = Xbox Home/Guide Tip: To avoid accidentally pressing Start by itself while attempting to use one of these combinations, hold the shoulder button first before pressing Start. To use a USB Saturn Pad with this script, you'll first need to launch MaxAim DI and map all of the Saturn pad's buttons to the equivalent Xbox One button. This script assumes you mapped Start on the Saturn Pad to Menu/Start on the Xbox One pad. After setting up your controls in MaxAim DI, launch the script through MaxAim DI and you're ready to play!
Publish DateThu, 4 Dec 2014 - 22:34
Last UpdateThu, 4 Dec 2014 - 22:34



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/* *
*  GPC is a scripting language with C-like syntax.
*  To learn more access GPC Language Reference on Help menu.
* *********************************************************** */

main {
    // Assuming the Saturn Left Trigger and Start buttons were
    // binded to the Left Trigger and Menu button on the
    // MaxAim DI Layout.
    if(get_val(XB1_RT) && get_val(XB1_MENU)) {
        set_val(XB1_XBOX, 100);
        set_val(XB1_MENU, 0);
        set_val(XB1_RT, 0);
    if(get_val(XB1_LT) && get_val(XB1_MENU)) {
        set_val(XB1_VIEW, 100);
        set_val(XB1_MENU, 0);
        set_val(XB1_LT, 0);