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v 11.00 - Aug 28, 2019
AlanMcGregor (alanmcgregor)

This Script is the fastest for building pieces one after the other, non-stop.
Builds pieces with a single tap given you the edge on build battles, turns you in a blazing fast builder.


  • Faster Turbo Build
  • New Instant-Edit
  • New Auto Aim
  • Auto One by One
  • Improved Ramp Rush
  • First Slot Shortcut
  • Quick Emote

Two Build Modes:

  • Builder Pro.
  • PC Builder. Direct Buttons for Pieces like PC, Press Fire or Piece button to place a piece instantaneously. Press [L2|LT] to change mats.

3 Fire Modes:

  • Auto Slot-Swap Fire - Double Pump Trick
  • Auto Fire - Rapid-Fire
  • Auto Peek-Shoot - FaZe-Tfue technique

In-game Settings: Builder Pro Controller layout, Turbo Build ON, Reset Build Choice ON

Compatible: Console Controller (PS4 / PS4 Pro / XB1 / XB1X / Nintendo SWITCH), XIM4, XIM APEX, Titan Two Mouse & Keyboard Support (separated Input Translator required)

Special thanks to: bonefisher, Scachi, J2Kbr, pabloscripts, Jacked, xenologer, antithesis, for his contribution to this script

Dedicated to: my Dad

v 1.51 - Feb 18, 2019
ConsoleTuner (J2Kbr)
Featuring: Fully customizable Rapidfire • NEW 2019 JITTER • Burst Fire • Easy Akimbo • Advanced Anti Recoil with deadzone compensation (compatible with XIM/Apex) • Raw offset mouse Anti Recoil • Hair Trigger • Drop Shot • Jump Shot • Strafe Shot • Quick Scope • Auto Aim • Hold Breath • Turbo Melee • Easy Sprint • Auto Heal • Auto Reload.

Update 1.50: Added Auto Heal and Auto Reload.
Update 1.40: New 2019 JITTER.
Update 1.30: Added Advanced ANTI-RECOIL: vertical, horizontal, timed, deadzone compensation

Special thanks to My_Eggplant_got_her for the JITTER combos. All MODs starts disabled by default and have to be individually enabled on the Interactive Configuration Interface, accordingly the player's preferences. Click on the DOC icon to open the detailed information about this Gamepack.
v 2.01 - Sep 6, 2019
Loui2 (Loui2)
Perfect active reload, auto tagging, pistol rapid fire, A/B spammer, and anti-idle to prevent getting kicked from game.
Please read the READ ME inside the script, especially the known issues section.
v 4.00 - Aug 2, 2019
AlanMcGregor (alanmcgregor)


♦ NEW Improved Antirecoil by DrNefario.
10 Slots for Custom Anti-Recoil.
♦ Antirecoil for XIM4, XIM APEX and console controllers.
Numeric Keypad support added.
♦ Every Slot has its own Custom Rapid-Fire.
♦ AutoSave Anti-Recoil on-board memory.
♦ Quick or Fine Tuning Horizontal and Vertical Anti-Recoil on-fly.
♦ Full Interactive Configuration.
♦ Display Info at Device Monitor.
♦ Anti-Recoil Options: Hip, ADS or Hip + ADS
♦ Custom Rapid-Fire

UNIVERSAL: Works for all games

Compatible: Console Controller (PS4 / PS4 Pro / XB1 / XB1X), XIM4, XIM APEX, Titan Two Mouse & Keyboard Support (separated Input Translator required)

Recoil compensation by DrNefario

Tool Inspired by ETB (mpalpha) Script

All Mods are OFF by default.
Enabled individually on the Interactive Configuration Interface.

v 1.13 - Sep 1, 2019
UK_Wildcats_Fans (UK_Wildcats_Fans)
This script was developed exclusively for the Titan 2 and COD BO4 game. This script was designed to make it very easy to toggle mods on/off while in the game.

IMPORTANT: Run the INTERACTIVE CONFIGURATION for more information, details, toggles, etc. Click the DOC link for a great toggle printout.

  • Interactive Configuration for full control and quick, easy customization
  • Rumble & Titan 2 display indications for mods and presets along with Gtuner output panel
  • Automatic Stim after shooting
  • Automatic Sprint (aka Easy Sprint)
  • Rapid Fire with 5 programmable presets and automatic Rapid Fire (double tap & hold shoot button)
  • Recoil Compensation (aka anti-recoil) with 2 programmable presets
  • Snipers - Quick Scope and automatic Hold Breath
  • Auto ADS (aim down sight automatically with shoot button is pressed and/or held)
  • Akimbo Fire (fire both left and right weapons with a single shoot button
  • Drop Shot
  • Auto Reload Cancel with ADS or SHOOT
  • Temporary Melee Disable (user request)
  • Quickly reset memory slot to defaul values
1.00 - Initial release
1.01 - Bug fixes
1.02 - Modified the auto reload cancel
1.03 - Added in AFK for possible future use
1.04 - Added MELEE disable option (user request)
1.05 - Fixed issue with Rapid Fire when used with ADS Fire
1.06 - Created separate functions for Akimbo FIre and Auto ADS
1.07 - Added reload memory slot function
1.08 - Added printf functions for various scripts areas that print out in Gtuner
1.09 - Pmem address optimization
1.10 - printf enhancements seen Gtuner output window
1.11 - Changed default anti recoil values. Added double tap auto rapid fire. Removed AFK to save memory.
1.12 - Added rumble notification for turning on auto rapid fire & auto stim
1.13 - Added in one click configuration for my normal configuration to help with testing
v 1.08 - Sep 10, 2019
bonefisher (bonefisher)
Adds the function "ColorLED ( Color, BlinkOnTime, BlinkOffTime, BlinkCount, PostColor)" to control the LED of your controller / Titan Two
For example usage visit the DOC link or take a look inside this file.
v 7.01 - Sep 1, 2019
pablosscripts (pablogroup)

To view the full list of features, setup instructions and release notes, click on the "DOC" button on the right.

This is the product of over 4 years of prototyping, development and refinement, play tested over 3,500 hours. I have lived and breathed this script for so long now, obsessing over every little detail and thinking about it day and night. Every season I spend hours on the Technical Test Server to thoroughly analyse the new operators, gadgets and changes to make sure they will be compatible with this script. The key features are:

  • Easy Sprint: this was probably the hardest thing to get right, and even after 2 years of work I still found myself refining certain aspects of it. This is because of how complex this game is - as the Sprint button is also used for leaning and quick rappelling, it caused so many issues. I could have settled for a compromised solution but I persisted until I got this working for every conceivable scenario. My goal was to have a solution where Easy Sprint would always kick in every time you wanted it to, but never when you didn't want it to.

  • PC Style Toggle Lean: this allows you to lean left and right without having to hold the ADS button, while a regular straight lean can still be activated via a hold. This is the best of both worlds and it plays extraordinary well. I experimented with a lot of different concepts but this is by far the best. Break out of this by leaning in the same direction you were already leaning, or by tapping the ADS or Vault buttons.

  • PC Style Crouching and Proning: for keyboard users, this decouples crouching from proning (so holding down the Crouch button no longer makes you go prone). This makes crouching more reliable, as I find time-based inputs very inconsistent.

  • Rapid Fire: toggle between Primary and Secondary firing modes by double tapping and then holding the Reload button, or by pressing the Swap button. Rapid Fire is enabled in Secondary Mode. When enabled, Primary mode is denoted with a "P." on the LCD screen, and Secondary mode is denoted with an "S."

  • Anti-Recoil: thanks to Antithesis, this fully customisable via the Interactive Configurator.

  • Grenade Overcook Protection: this prevents you from cooking your grenades for too long!

  • ACOG ADS Normalisation: aim sensitivity in this game does not account for the difference in FOV between ACOG sights and the others. This means the sensitivity of ACOG sights is higher than they should be, and it can feel jarring when you swap between sights that have different levels of magnification. This feature reduces the sensitivity of your aiming when using an ACOG sight. To toggle between ACOG Normalisation sensitivity and the default, simply tap the Reload button while holding the ADS button. The LCD screen will turn purple when ADS Normalisation Sensitivity is enabled (instead of the default green).

  • Lean Protect: I found that leaning in general wasn't as reliable as I wanted it to be. To test this, without using this script, press ADS and then very quickly tap the Sprint or Melee buttons - you will notice that it just doesn't register a lot of the time. I have fixed this so leaning is now better, more reliable, and smoother than it was in the original game.

  • ADS Sensitivity Delay: this delays the ADS sensitivity from kicking in until you are fully aiming down sights. There is actually a split-second delay between when you press the ADS button and when the ADS animation completes. This script prevents the ADS sensitivity from applying too early, making it feel more consistent when you turn just before you aim.

  • Auto-Actions: this allows you to automatically place barricades, reinforce walls, and basically anything that used to require you to hold down the Reload button.

  • Double Up: for Nav / Joy-Con users, due to a lack of buttons I have had to think really hard about how to make the most of what we have. This feature dynamically remaps crouch to sprint when ADS'ing (allowing you to use the same button for Crouch and leaning left). This is very similar to how the Melee button is also used to lean right.

  • Plus dozens of other minor quality of life features...there are too many to list here!
v 1.25 - Jul 29, 2019
Scachi (Scachi)
Features: Interactive configuration ◦ Hair trigger ◦ Automark targets ◦ Weapon slot specific anti recoil and fire mode (adjustable) ◦ Reload on weapon change ◦ Presets of antirecoil/firemode settings for some weapons

Latest changes: added "Auto Marking Targets" usage information and DOC link to Interactive Configuration
v 1.36 - Jul 9, 2019
AlanMcGregor (alanmcgregor)

APEX Legends - Essential Script

Set of handy mods to improve game experience, while giving you the edge at the battlefront.


  • Enhanced Fire Mod features: Tuned RapidFire + AntiRecoil for XIM APEX.
  • Two versatile Anti-Recoil Presets on-fly
  • Auto-Strafe
  • One Button Direct Kit and Grenades
  • Auto-Reload.
  • Turbo-Looting
  • Easy Holster and Sprint
  • Auto-Ping Enemies
  • Interactive Configuration Interface

Compatible: Console Controller (PS4 / PS4 Pro / XB1 / XB1X), XIM4, XIM APEX, Titan Two Mouse & Keyboard Support (separated Input Translator required)

The Script is ON by default, some mods are Enabled


Hold (Square|X) Press (Ps|Xbox) Release (Square|X)

Special Thanks to:
AryanX, bonefisher, J2Kbr, glitchbish, rainbowDash for its contributions to this script

v 7.05 - Apr 13, 2019
pablosscripts (pablogroup)

IMPORTANT: I have discovered an in-game bug that has been at the root of a lot of my problems. The setting Sprint Cancels Reload is BUGGY, you should disable it. If you have it turned on, you will not be able to reload while in mid-air or while you are sliding - doing so will automatically cancel the reload animation. I thought this affected reloading regardless of whether it was enabled or disabled but I was wrong. I had to code all sorts of workarounds and none of them were ever perfect. It was more trouble than it was worth so I have completely backed out all support for this. This setting did allow me to further optimise my own ADS reload cancel code, but it was not worth the problems that came along with it.

Supports all Call of Duty games - now optimised for Black Ops 4!

  • Make sure you disable the in-game setting called Sprint Cancels Reload - this is buggy and Treyarch have yet to acknowledge it.

  • Make sure you disable the in-game setting called Auto Sprint. This will conflict with my Easy Sprint code, and regardless, mine is easier to use anyway since it is more intuitive overall and I only require a single tap of the Sprint button instead of two in order to activate it (as long as Easy Sprint is turned on).


I have been putting a lot of thought into how to enhance BO4. In BO3 you were able to boost jump away from a fight, but not so in BO4, which means the gameplay in BO4 is heavily centred around sliding, so my script features a number of sliding related enhancements:

Easy Slide: I found it annoying to have to hold the Crouch button in order to initiate a slide, so I have changed it to be a quick tap instead and it feels so much better.

Stick Sliding: while you are still in mid-air from a jump, let go of the left stick then push it forward again to initiate a slide. This is not only more intuitive, but it also allows you to slide without ever having to take your thumb off the stick.

Natural Slide Cancelling: pull back on the left stick to cancel out of a slide.

Auto Sliding: for keyboard users, this allows you to initiate a slide even if you aren't moving. You can also initiate a slide while you are strafing, which is not possible in the original game. Credit to Mr. Brown for the idea.


  • Rapid fire: toggle between Primary and Secondary firing modes by double tapping and then holding the Reload button. Rapid Fire is enabled in Secondary Mode. Primary mode is denoted with a "P." on the LCD screen, and Secondary mode is denoted with an "S."
  • Enhanced Auto Reload Cancelling: Automatically trigger a reload cancel if you ADS, shoot, or sprint. This is useful for when you see an enemy while you are reloading and need to quickly cancel out of it.
  • Antithesis' anti-recoil.
  • Easy Sprint: including support for reloading and toggle walking.
  • Hair-trigger aiming and shooting.
  • Grenade overcook protection.
  • Enhanced Auto Sprint.
  • Reload Toggling: activate perks, repair armour, and revive team mates without having to hold down the Reload button.