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v 1.26 - Aug 14, 2021
bonefisher (bonefisher)
Use interactive configuration for set up:
*Primary and Secondary switching.
*Rapid fire for each class
*Anti-Recoil for each class
*Quick Scope and hold breath
*Aim assist tracking modz
*Shot modz
*Strafe modz
*Crouch spam modz
*Quick Melee
*Reload cancel on fire trigger.
*Added delayed fire slide to shot modz
*Added slide on sprint button.
*Added turn slide on right stick.
*Reworked to Shots Per Second for easy configuration
*Added DontAtMe new ant-recoil with vertical and horizontal settings.
*Added stop breath while turning to make breath last longer.
*added new drift assist
*added auto spot for warzone
*added on the fly adjusting anti recoil
*added adjusting sps setting
*change aim assist to new orbital assist
*added aim abuse
*fixed rapid fire and akimbo responce
*updated OAA
v 3.12 - Jan 17, 2024
Michael (Michael)
This GCV script is developed based on the script of J2Kbr's Apex Legends CV Anti-Recoil ( v1.49 - Sep 8, 2021)
(1) Python installed on Windows OS along with python packages of opencv-python, pywin32.
(2) New required files are needed to be placed in Python Lib folder. For tutorial, click the DOC button on the right.

[Latest Update]v3.12 (Jan 17, 2024): 1) Update Ballistic's Ultimate detection feature. 2) Separate the parameters setting part in order to make the backup and sharing easier.

(The M_Apex Premium is ready for beta testing, no fee needed before Feb 12, 2024. If interested, please click the DOC button on the right to get the Premium Code)

Added Features:
(1) Automatic weapon detection ready for 10 languages used in the game (English, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Korean).
(2) Rapid fire toggles for specific weapons.
(3) Separate single and burst rapid fire settings for G7 Scout, Prowler and Hemlok.
(4) Tuning values of ADS, HIP, optical scaling adjustments, fire modes and timing for specific weapons.
(5) Detect target hit and adjust anti-recoil strength accordingly.
(6) Support 1728*1080p diaplay resolutions.
(7) Adjust the brightness of the templates.
(8) Detect 1x-2x and 2x-4x variable optic zoom(beta).
(9) Support ultimate sling weapon adjustment for Ballistic.
(10) Support turbo mode anti-recoil for Rampage.

v3.12 (Jan 17, 2024): 1) Update Ballistic's Ultimate detection feature. 2) Separate the parameters setting part in order to make the backup and sharing easier.
v3.11 (Nov 30, 2023): 1) Updated cv detect framework. 2) updated all templates. 3) Added Prowler auto anti recoil data.
v2.10 (Aug 26, 2023): 1) Updated all templates. 2) Added Performance Mode.
v2.09 (Jul 7, 2023): Improved anti-recoil performance(Target Hit).
v2.08 (Jul 6, 2023): Improved anti-recoil performance.
v2.07 (Jul 5, 2023): 1) Improved anti-recoil performance. 2)Update dependencies and fixed bug. redownload three files.
v2.06 (Jun 2, 2023): 1) Adjusted displayed information. 2) Modified code.
v2.05 (Jun 1, 2023): Adjusted displayed information.
v2.04 (Jun 1, 2023): Adjusted the combination of manually toggling 2X-4X (1X-2X) optic zoom. L2/LT + L3/LS = toggle between 2X and 4X (1X and 2X), L2/LT + Circle/B = 4X (2X), L2/LT + Cross/A = 2X (1X)..
v2.03 (Jun 1, 2023): Fixed a bug related to Nemesis anti-recoil.
v2.02 (Jun 1, 2023): Fixed a bug related to the feature of detect optics with variable zoom.
v2.01 (Jun 1, 2023): 1) Added detection of Rampage's turbo mode. 2) Fixed a bug related to Rampage.
v2.00 (May 31, 2023): 1) Reconstructed code. 2) Improved performance.
v1.41 (May 24, 2023): 1) Added detection template of Korean language. 2) Updated the anti-recoil data of L-Star. 3) Fixed a bug related to Nemesis' 2x and 3x parameters.
v1.40 (May 23, 2023): Fixed a bug of the mismatch optics zoom of golden weapons.
v1.39 (May 17, 2023): Fixed a bug of the optics zoom of Ballistic's ultimate sling weapon.
v1.38 (May 16, 2023): Added ultimate sling weapon adjustment for Ballistic.
v1.37 (May 13, 2023): Updated all templates for Season 17.
v1.36 (Mar 15, 2023): Added the feature of detecting 1x-2x and 2x-4x variable optic zoom(beta).
v1.35 (Feb 24, 2023): Fixed the incorrect detection of optics and turbocharger in some cases when the background is bright on PC.
v1.34 (Feb 24, 2023): Added an customized anti-recoil data(s15) set option allowing you to modify the data on your own.
v1.33 (Feb 21, 2023): Added an alternative detection method for weapon, firemode and optics. Fixed the p2020 hammerpoint detection issue on certain situation.
v1.32 (Feb 20, 2023): Bug fixed (a230219).
v1.31 (Feb 17, 2023): Added a new feature of adjusting the brightness of the templates.
v1.30 (Feb 16, 2023): 1) Updated all templates for Season 16. 2) Added anti-recoil data for the weapon of Nemesis.
v1.29 (Feb 5, 2023): Updated anti-recoil data (controller) of R-301, Spitfire, Hemlok, Flatline, Devotion, Havoc, L-Star.
v1.28 (Feb 2, 2023): 1) Added anti-recoil timing adjust: Fine-tune values(part-III). 2) bugs fixed.
v1.27 (Dec 13, 2022): Added tuning parameters of optical scaling adjustments for specific weapons.
v1.26 (Dec 7, 2022): fixed bugs.
v1.25 (Dec 7, 2022): Fixed Mobile Minigun 'Sheila' weapon tag detaction for EN template.
v1.24 (Dec 7, 2022): Updated rapid fire toggles.
v1.23 (Dec 6, 2022): 1) Fixed Spitfire weapon tag detection for EN, ES, GE, FR, PT templates. 2) Modified the anti-recoil values of Rampage. 3) added anti-recoil parameters for Havoc with turbocharger
v1.22 (Dec 5, 2022): Added separate single and burst burst rapid fire settings for G7 Scout, Prowler and Hemlok.
v1.21 (Nov 12, 2022): Updated all templates for Season 15.
v1.20 (Aug 10, 2022): Updated all templates for Season 14.
v1.19 (Feb 9, 2022): Updated all templates for Season 12.
v1.17 (Jan 5, 2022): Added fine-tune parameters of ADS, HIP and fire modes for specific weapons.
v1.16 (Dec 24, 2021): Updated anti-recoil data of CAR-L, CAR-H.
v1.15 (Dec 23, 2021): Added Detect Target Hit feature which can adjust anti-recoil strength accordingly.
v1.13 (Dec 14, 2021): Updated all templates for Season 11. Added Anti-recoil data for CAR and Minigun. Fixed the rapid-fire-off bug.
v1.10 (Sep 16, 2021): Correct the method to support 3440*1440p dispaly resolution.
v1.09 (Sep 11, 2021): Script updated (based on v1.49 - Sep 8, 2021); Added: Parameters for fine tuning anti-recoil processing.
v1.08 (Jul 13, 2021): Added support for the diaplay resolutions of 1728*1080p and 3440*1440p.
v1.07 (Jun 11, 2021): Updated all templates (based on J2Kbr's Apex CV script, v1.48 - May 31, 2021); Turn off rapid fire for specific weapons.
v1.06 (Mar 7, 2021): added [JP] Japanese language for automatic weapon detection.
v1.05 (Feb 8, 2021): Apex Legends Season 8: Added 30-30 Repeater.
v1.04 (Nov 10, 2020): Updated [CN] and [TC] templates (based on v1.45 - Nov 6, 2020): added fully-kitted weapons.
v1.03 (Nov 7, 2020): Updated all templates (based on v1.45 - Nov 6, 2020).
v1.02 (Nov 5, 2020): Updated all templates (based on v1.43 - Nov 2, 2020). Prowler available
v1.01 (Oct 30, 2020): Updated [CN] Simplified Chinese template.
v1.00 (Oct 29, 2020): Added additional seven languages detection to J2Kbr's Apex Legends CV Anti-Recoil(based on v1.42 - Oct 6, 2020)
v 5.03 - Nov 26, 2023
hongxing (hongxing)
Featuring:Hongxing CV script
v5.02 Restored the old super glide;
Fixed an issue with charge rifle firing automatically;
Fixed an issue where the PS4 steam controller had difficulty moving;
v5.00 In the new version, built-in curves are added to accommodate classical and linear recoil.
Now you can adjust git files without affecting recoil function;
Add dead zone compensation to solve the drift caused by controller drift and series XIM;
Updated the recoil data of some weapons;
The adaptive smooth pull gun is added to prevent excessive recoil caused by moving the mouse;
Added new features to address left-right movement difficulties caused by the STEAM controller;
Update UI;
v4.26 update weapon data: PROWLER(AUTO)
v4.25 add hid output script,press "F12" to switch K&M and controller;
update weapon data: PROWLER , HEMLOK
v4.24 update steam controller support
v4.23 update nemesis data;
v4.22 support season 16;add a new waepon data;
v4.21 update steam controller support
v4.20 update waepon data;
add close rapid fire on prowler;
add new checkbox to close rabbit jump auto advance;
V4.18 fixed bugs;
V4.17 update player Of adsorption;
v4.16 add close rapid fire on vk47,r301 ;
v4.15 update volt data,fixed auto crouch on toggle optical;
v4.14 update toggle optical (click keyboard key "R" and controller button "Y" will close the optical);
v4.13 fixed bow;
v4.12 fixed rapid fire bug;
v4.11 update English UI;add close weapon rapid fire;
v4.10 update Chinese UI;
v4.09 update Enhance Aim Assist;
v4.08 update new Enhance Aim Assist;
v4.07 fix bugs;
v4.06 add steam controller support Boost Sensitive When Selecting Wheel Items
v4.05 add rope jump;
v4.04 Optimize the support for the controller and add the controller mode;
No additional mouse and git files are required in the controller mode;
v4.03 add input delay;
v4.02 fix bug;
v4.01 add mini gun ,update R301 VK47;update UI
v4.00 add toggle optical
v3.20 fix spitfire;
v3.19 fix volt,support season 13;
v3.18 fix spitfire;
V3.17 fix devotion;
v3.16 add super glide with fish controller;
v3.13 update super glide with cfg on PC;
update tap strafe ,do not need hold ts button
add hold "W","S" page up/down in deathbox
v3.00 update ui;fix wall jump;add tap strafe;
v2.09 fix aim Assist bug; update wall jump ,hibbit jump ;update UI;
v2.08 add ribbit jump;fix antiRrcoil bug;add walk;
v2.07 fix wall jump on xbox series x|s / xbox360
v2.06 update player Of adsorption;change player Of adsorption name;fix super glide;
v2.05 add player Of adsorption
v2.04 fix optimization of Anti-Rrcoil
v2.03 fix L-STAR,HAVOK ballistic trajectory;
v2.02 fix optimization of Anti-Rrcoil;fix bow rapid fire bug
v2.01 fix 0 ammo antiRrcoil bug
v2.00 support new Hongxing'cv;add new Weapon built-in data ;remove quick switch mirror;remove quick use thermal baffle
v1.25 fix aim Assist
v1.24 support do vis's script
v1.22 add optimization of Anti-Rrcoil
v1.21 add auto mouse pick up (need "hx_apex_antirecoil.py")
v1.20 fixed bugs
v1.19 fixed quick use battery & aid kit bug
v1.18 update hip aim Assist
v1.17 add aim Assist,quick switch mirror
v1.16 add wall jump
v1.15 add Pathfinder Auto Jump, hold L1/LB to use
v1.13 add hip shot init time
v1.12 add open/close super glide checkbox
v1.10 update mouse pick up , you can use mouse wheel to page up;update quick use battery & aid kit stick add move time
v1.09 add auto crouch
v1.08 add quick use battery & aid kit;update hip shot
v1.07 add mouse pick up speed
v1.06 add quick use thermal baffle
v1.03 add mouse pick up
v1.02 add quick pick up
v1.01 add super glide
v1.00 add hip shot
v 1.59 - Jul 13, 2021
ConsoleTuner (by Mad) (J2Kbr)
Featuring: Multiple Anti-Recoils & Deadzone Compensation • 4 Profiles • Stance Tracking • 3x Aim Assist Options • Rapid Fire • Burst Fire • Easy Sprint • Auto Reload • Auto Spot • Crouch Shot • Crouch Spam • Prone Shot • Jump Shot • Strafe • Quick Scope • Hold Breath • Turbo Melee • Grenade Overcook Protection • Reload Cancel • Auto-ADS • Toggle ADS • & More.

All MODs start disabled by default and have to be individually enabled on the Interactive Configuration Interface.

Compatible with Controllers and XIM.
v 5.06 - May 8, 2024
hongxing (hongxing)

5.06 support season 21
5.05 support season 20
5.04 support season 19
5.00 update anti recoil data
4.28 support season 18
4.27 fix bug
4.26 When Ballistics is turned on Ultimate Ability, it can be correctly checked to see if turbocharger is equipped
4.25 support season 17
4.23 update nemesis data
4.22 support season 16
4.19 support season 15
4.14 support season 14
4.13 add english img
4.11 update new data
4.02 update R301,VK47,MINI GUN
4.00 update cv script
3.19 support season 13
3.18 update hip shot
3.14 add rampage fire check
2.09 add hip setting
2.04 player Of adsorption
2.03 update havok
2.02 update l-star
2.01 fix name error
2.00 update new cv script
1.25 update pc identification accuracy
1.24 update ps/xbox identification accuracy
1.23 update auto mouse pick up
1.21 add auto mouse pick up
v 4.13 - Jan 30, 2023
Michael (Michael)
(1) Gtuner IV v1.10.3+
(2) Micro-SD Card installed

PLAY WITH: Apex CV, Apex Built-in Data
• Crossover Share   • PS5 Edge Controller Support    • Load GCV Script   • CV Setting   • Anti-recoil   • Rapid Fire   • Hair Trigger   • Quick Scope   • Quick Throw Grenade   • ADS Spam on Shooting   • Melee-Swap Weapon   • Auto Ping Enemy   • Auto Reload   • Auto Scope   • Aim Assist   • Slide Hop   • Bunny Hop   • Bunny-Hop Heal   • Shooting Add-on Action   • Modes Suspend   • Quick Turn Around   • Pathfinder's Grapple-Jump   • Holster-Sprint   • Tap-Strafe   • Zipline Jump   • Turbo Loot   • Quick Swap Shield   • Loot Mode   • Fast Patching   • Quick Take off Shield   • Auto-Switching AR-Data   • Audio Feedback   • AR Data Assignment   • AR Data Shortcuts

v4.13 (Jan 30, 2022):
  (1) Added the PS5 Edge controller support.

v4.12 (Apr 13, 2022):
  (1) Added the BeloaderFix to fix the WASD glitch when the Titan Two is used with the Beloader.(Apex CV)
  (2) Fixed the crossover feature(share) on PS5.
  (3) Fixed the rumble problem (automatically turned off).

v4.11 (Jul 22, 2021):
  (1) Added: Pathfinder's Grapple-Jump on Xbox.
  (2) Added: Pathfinder's Grapple-Jump for Built-in data.
  (3) Adjusted: Rapid Fire.
  (4) Adjusted: Quick-Swap Shield.

v4.10 (Jul 16, 2021):
  (1) Added: Pathfinder's Grapple-Jump.
  (2) Added: Holster-Sprint.

v4.09 (Jul 15, 2021):
  (1) Adjusted: Zipline Jump.
  (2) Added: Zipline Jump for controller.

v4.08 (Jul 14, 2021):
  (1) Added: Zipline Jump.
  (2) Added: Hold L3/LS button to Modes Suspend.
  (3) Adjusted: Tap Strafe.
  (4) Adjusted: Bunny Hop, Bunny-Hop Heal.
  (5) Improved: HID Output.

v4.07 (Jul 7, 2021):
  (1) Added: Keyboard and controller toggles for Quick Scope.
  (2) Added: Keyboard and controller toggles for ADS Spam on Shooting.
  (3) Added: Activated keyboard shortcut for Quick Turn Around.
  (4) Added: Tap-Strafe.
  (5) Improved: Quick Turn Around.
  (6) fixed: Quick Swap Shield keyboard shortcut.

v4.06 (Jul 6, 2021):
  (1) Added: Keyboard shortcut and mouse shortcut for Quick Swap Shield in Deadbox.
  (2) Improved: Quick Swap Shield in Deadbox.

v4.05 (Jul 5, 2021):
  (1) Added: Adaptive Strafe-Crouch Spam(Shooting Add-on Action).
  (2) Added: Controller shortcut and keyboard shortcut for turning on/off Shooting Add-on Action.
  (3) Added: Movement Threshold for anti-recoil.
  (4) Added: Mouse shortcut for Loot Mode.
  (5) Improved: Shooting Add-on Action.
  (6) Improved: Ramdon Anti-Recoil.

v4.04 (Jul 4, 2021):
  (1) Added: Quick Throw Grenade.
  (2) Added: Random Anti-Recoil Value.
  (3) Added: Quick Take Off Shield Timing.
  (4) Improved: Quick Take Off Shield.
  (5) Improved: Auto Ping Enemy.
  (6) Fixed: Apex Built-in rapid fire.
  (7) Deleted: Optics scaling adjustments for each magnification (CV Setting).

v4.02 (Jul 2, 2021):
  (1) Added: HID Output(as request).
  (2) Added: Optics scaling adjustments for each magnification (CV Setting).
  (3) Added: Mouse shortcuts for Loot Mode activation.
  (4) Added: Pointer speed multiplier for Loot Mode.
  (5) Added: Quick Turn Around.
  (6) Added: Quick Take Off Shield.
  (7) Fixed: DATA_SET (CV Setting).
  (8) Fixed: Keyboard shortcuts.
  (9) Improved: Turbo Loot, adjust the trigger timing.
  (10) Improved: Quick Scope, adjust the combo sequence.
  (11) Improved: Quick Swap Shield in deadbox, new methon for game update on Jun 29. Added a time variable.
  (12) Deleted: Quick Swap Shield for Built-in AR Data.

v4.01 (Jun 30, 2021):
  (1) Added: Buffy's CV Anti-recoil Algorithms (Anti-recoil Method).
  (2) Added: Anti-recoil Option, to activate anti-recoil on ADS or HIP or both.
  (3) Added: Random Anti-Recoil, a random shaking value added on anti-recoil process.
  (4) Added: Rapid Fire Option, to activate rapid fire on ADS or HIP or both.
  (5) Added: Quick Scope, to shoot right after aiming, good for increasing HIP shooting damage with shortgun or sniper.
  (6) Added: ADS Spam on Shooting, good for shooting swiftly in close combat while hitting more on the target.
  (7) Added: Melee-Swap Weapon, to swap weapon automatically, good for close combat.
  (8) Added: Strafe Aim Assist.
  (9) Added: Bunny Hop.
  (10) Added: Bunny-Hop Heal.
  (11) Added: Turbo Loot on the ground.
  (12) Added: Turbo Loot the deadbox.
  (13) Added: Quick Swap Shield in the Deadbox.
  (14) Added: Loot Mode shortcut for keyboard.
  (15) Added: Audio Feedback for built-in data and controller.
  (16) Added: Crossover toggle option.
  (17) Added: Run the GCV Script at the same time with this script activated.
  (18) Changed: Re-designed the UI. Added marks to features to show the availability.
  (19) Changed: Fast Patching-controller shortcuts: (New) Hold L2/LT and L3/LS, then press related buttons.
  (20) Changed: Loot Mode activated: (New) Hold L2/LT and hold Square/X button.
  (21) Changed: Keys selection option in keyboard shortcuts.
  (22) Deleted: M/K HID output.
  (23) Deleted: Xbox Elite Paddles shortcuts for built-in anti-recoil data assignments.
  (24) Deleted: Shooting Force Feedback(SFFB).

v 1.50 - Dec 10, 2023
ConsoleTuner (J2Kbr)
Computer vision assisted anti-recoil for Apex Legends, featuring:
  • Automatic weapon and fire mode detection
  • Equipped barrel rarity detection
  • Equipped optics and zoom magnification tracking
  • Vertical and horizontal recoil compensation for each fired bullet
  • Automatic activation of rapidfire for single and burst fire modes
The recoil/spray pattern for each weapon and corresponding fire modes was gathered using a self-learning multiple steps training computer vision algorithm (GCV Script), enabling apply the recoil compensation force needed individually for each fired bullet.

Update 1.50: Apex Legends Season 19
Update 1.49: Apex Legends Season 10: PROWLER, ALTERNATOR, SPITFIRE, RAMPAGE
Update 1.48: Apex Legends Season 9 and Nintendo Switch compatibility
Update 1.46: Apex Legends Season 8: Added 30-30 Repeater. Experimental: GCV Configuration via GPC Script (GLOBAL_HSCALE, GLOBAL_VSCALE and DATA_SET)
Update 1.45: Apex Legends Season 7: R-99, Hemlok (Burst, Single), Havoc (Normal, Turbo) and L-Star.
Update 1.42: Aftermarket Event: Splitfire, Devotion.
Update 1.40: Apex Legends Season 6: Volt SMG, R-99, P2020, Splitfire, Prowler, Hemlok, Devotion, Havoc and Turbocharge detection.
Update 1.35: Havoc mag size and recoil pattern.
Update 1.30: Detect optics attachment and magnification (Zoom) tracking.
Update 1.10: Apex Legends Season 5: Alternator mag size, Havoc recoil, Mastiff regular and Peacekeeper gold.

This GCV script can be used in conjunction with the official Apex Legends Gamepack for the Titan Two device. For that, click on the corresponding predefined configuration in the Gamepack configuration interface.
v 1.00 - May 18, 2024
jaj (jaj)
2k Vision
NBA 2k
v 1.80 - May 18, 2024
jaj (jaj)
2k Vision
NBA 2k
v 1.03 - May 19, 2024
Mad (Mad)
 Built in presets
 Loadouts (Non CV users)
 Weapon Detection (CV)
 Aim Engine (CV)
 Plenty of mods.
 Modern Warfare 3
 Modern Warfare 2
 Xbox, Playstation or PC
 Controller, Input Translator, Xim