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v 1.26 - Aug 14, 2021
bonefisher (bonefisher)
Use interactive configuration for set up:
*Primary and Secondary switching.
*Rapid fire for each class
*Anti-Recoil for each class
*Quick Scope and hold breath
*Aim assist tracking modz
*Shot modz
*Strafe modz
*Crouch spam modz
*Quick Melee
*Reload cancel on fire trigger.
*Added delayed fire slide to shot modz
*Added slide on sprint button.
*Added turn slide on right stick.
*Reworked to Shots Per Second for easy configuration
*Added DontAtMe new ant-recoil with vertical and horizontal settings.
*Added stop breath while turning to make breath last longer.
*added new drift assist
*added auto spot for warzone
*added on the fly adjusting anti recoil
*added adjusting sps setting
*change aim assist to new orbital assist
*added aim abuse
*fixed rapid fire and akimbo responce
*updated OAA
v 4.11 - Jul 22, 2021
Michael (Michael)
(1) Gtuner IV v1.10.3+
(2) Micro-SD Card installed

PLAY WITH: Apex CV, Apex Built-in Data
• Crossover Share   • Load GCV Script   • CV Setting   • Anti-recoil   • Rapid Fire   • Hair Trigger   • Quick Scope   • Quick Throw Grenade   • ADS Spam on Shooting   • Melee-Swap Weapon   • Auto Ping Enemy   • Auto Reload   • Auto Scope   • Aim Assist   • Slide Hop   • Bunny Hop   • Bunny-Hop Heal   • Shooting Add-on Action   • Modes Suspend   • Quick Turn Around   • Pathfinder's Grapple-Jump   • Holster-Sprint   • Tap-Strafe   • Zipline Jump   • Turbo Loot   • Quick Swap Shield   • Loot Mode   • Fast Patching   • Quick Take off Shield   • Auto-Switching AR-Data   • Audio Feedback   • AR Data Assignment   • AR Data Shortcuts

v4.11 (Jul 22, 2021):
  (1) Added: Pathfinder's Grapple-Jump on Xbox.
  (2) Added: Pathfinder's Grapple-Jump for Built-in data.
  (3) Adjusted: Rapid Fire.
  (4) Adjusted: Quick-Swap Shield.

v4.10 (Jul 16, 2021):
  (1) Added: Pathfinder's Grapple-Jump.
  (2) Added: Holster-Sprint.

v4.09 (Jul 15, 2021):
  (1) Adjusted: Zipline Jump.
  (2) Added: Zipline Jump for controller.

v4.08 (Jul 14, 2021):
  (1) Added: Zipline Jump.
  (2) Added: Hold L3/LS button to Modes Suspend.
  (3) Adjusted: Tap Strafe.
  (4) Adjusted: Bunny Hop, Bunny-Hop Heal.
  (5) Improved: HID Output.

v4.07 (Jul 7, 2021):
  (1) Added: Keyboard and controller toggles for Quick Scope.
  (2) Added: Keyboard and controller toggles for ADS Spam on Shooting.
  (3) Added: Activated keyboard shortcut for Quick Turn Around.
  (4) Added: Tap-Strafe.
  (5) Improved: Quick Turn Around.
  (6) fixed: Quick Swap Shield keyboard shortcut.

v4.06 (Jul 6, 2021):
  (1) Added: Keyboard shortcut and mouse shortcut for Quick Swap Shield in Deadbox.
  (2) Improved: Quick Swap Shield in Deadbox.

v4.05 (Jul 5, 2021):
  (1) Added: Adaptive Strafe-Crouch Spam(Shooting Add-on Action).
  (2) Added: Controller shortcut and keyboard shortcut for turning on/off Shooting Add-on Action.
  (3) Added: Movement Threshold for anti-recoil.
  (4) Added: Mouse shortcut for Loot Mode.
  (5) Improved: Shooting Add-on Action.
  (6) Improved: Ramdon Anti-Recoil.

v4.04 (Jul 4, 2021):
  (1) Added: Quick Throw Grenade.
  (2) Added: Random Anti-Recoil Value.
  (3) Added: Quick Take Off Shield Timing.
  (4) Improved: Quick Take Off Shield.
  (5) Improved: Auto Ping Enemy.
  (6) Fixed: Apex Built-in rapid fire.
  (7) Deleted: Optics scaling adjustments for each magnification (CV Setting).

v4.02 (Jul 2, 2021):
  (1) Added: HID Output(as request).
  (2) Added: Optics scaling adjustments for each magnification (CV Setting).
  (3) Added: Mouse shortcuts for Loot Mode activation.
  (4) Added: Pointer speed multiplier for Loot Mode.
  (5) Added: Quick Turn Around.
  (6) Added: Quick Take Off Shield.
  (7) Fixed: DATA_SET (CV Setting).
  (8) Fixed: Keyboard shortcuts.
  (9) Improved: Turbo Loot, adjust the trigger timing.
  (10) Improved: Quick Scope, adjust the combo sequence.
  (11) Improved: Quick Swap Shield in deadbox, new methon for game update on Jun 29. Added a time variable.
  (12) Deleted: Quick Swap Shield for Built-in AR Data.

v4.01 (Jun 30, 2021):
  (1) Added: Buffy's CV Anti-recoil Algorithms (Anti-recoil Method).
  (2) Added: Anti-recoil Option, to activate anti-recoil on ADS or HIP or both.
  (3) Added: Random Anti-Recoil, a random shaking value added on anti-recoil process.
  (4) Added: Rapid Fire Option, to activate rapid fire on ADS or HIP or both.
  (5) Added: Quick Scope, to shoot right after aiming, good for increasing HIP shooting damage with shortgun or sniper.
  (6) Added: ADS Spam on Shooting, good for shooting swiftly in close combat while hitting more on the target.
  (7) Added: Melee-Swap Weapon, to swap weapon automatically, good for close combat.
  (8) Added: Strafe Aim Assist.
  (9) Added: Bunny Hop.
  (10) Added: Bunny-Hop Heal.
  (11) Added: Turbo Loot on the ground.
  (12) Added: Turbo Loot the deadbox.
  (13) Added: Quick Swap Shield in the Deadbox.
  (14) Added: Loot Mode shortcut for keyboard.
  (15) Added: Audio Feedback for built-in data and controller.
  (16) Added: Crossover toggle option.
  (17) Added: Run the GCV Script at the same time with this script activated.
  (18) Changed: Re-designed the UI. Added marks to features to show the availability.
  (19) Changed: Fast Patching-controller shortcuts: (New) Hold L2/LT and L3/LS, then press related buttons.
  (20) Changed: Loot Mode activated: (New) Hold L2/LT and hold Square/X button.
  (21) Changed: Keys selection option in keyboard shortcuts.
  (22) Deleted: M/K HID output.
  (23) Deleted: Xbox Elite Paddles shortcuts for built-in anti-recoil data assignments.
  (24) Deleted: Shooting Force Feedback(SFFB).

v 1.00 - Mar 9, 2021
AlanMcGregor (alanmcgregor)

Fortnite Battle Royale: nstant Edit and Ramp Rush 2.0 Script

Instant Edit:
Press Edit, edit your piece by pressing the trigger button and keep it held down,
Once you released the trigger button it will autoconfirm, also
if you press your Reset Edit, it will autoconfirm too.

Double Rame Rush:
When running over a ramp press EMOTE, script will build a double Ramp-Wall-Floor instantaneously.
v 1.05 - Aug 26, 2021
Mad (Mad)
Featuring: 3 Stage Anti Recoil • 4 Profiles • RapidFire • Akimbo / Dual Pistols • Aim Assist • Bullet Time • Slide Cancel • Turbo Melee • Grenade Overcook • Bunny Hop • Quick Scope • Hair Triggers • Prone 2 Shoot • Auto Ping • Hold Breath • Crouch • Crouch Spam • Drop Shot • Jump Shot • Strafe

Sponsored by Evil Aim Assist

** Added driving mode.
v 4.06 - Oct 12, 2021
norge (norge1)
i did use the orbital aim assist from the findings post, but based on my old script
any suggestions or if you like it to not be changed.
discord OFFBEATSHOTZ#7035
v 7.03 - Jul 25, 2021
pablosscripts (pablogroup)

To view the full list of features, setup instructions and release notes, click on the "DOC" button on the right.

This is the product of over 4 years of prototyping, development and refinement, play tested over 3,500 hours. I have lived and breathed this script for so long now, obsessing over every little detail and thinking about it day and night. Every season I spend hours on the Technical Test Server to thoroughly analyse the new operators, gadgets and changes to make sure they will be compatible with this script. The key features are:

  • Easy Sprint: this was probably the hardest thing to get right, and even after 2 years of work I still found myself refining certain aspects of it. This is because of how complex this game is - as the Sprint button is also used for leaning and quick rappelling, it caused so many issues. I could have settled for a compromised solution but I persisted until I got this working for every conceivable scenario. My goal was to have a solution where Easy Sprint would always kick in every time you wanted it to, but never when you didn't want it to.

  • PC Style Toggle Lean: this allows you to lean left and right without having to hold the ADS button, while a regular straight lean can still be activated via a hold. This is the best of both worlds and it plays extraordinary well. I experimented with a lot of different concepts but this is by far the best. Break out of this by leaning in the same direction you were already leaning, or by tapping the ADS or Vault buttons.

  • PC Style Crouching and Proning: for keyboard users, this decouples crouching from proning (so holding down the Crouch button no longer makes you go prone). This makes crouching more reliable, as I find time-based inputs very inconsistent.

  • Rapid Fire: toggle between Primary and Secondary firing modes by double tapping and then holding the Reload button, or by pressing the Swap button. Rapid Fire is enabled in Secondary Mode. When enabled, Primary mode is denoted with a "P." on the LCD screen, and Secondary mode is denoted with an "S."

  • Anti-Recoil: thanks to Antithesis, this fully customisable via the Interactive Configurator.

  • Grenade Overcook Protection: this prevents you from cooking your grenades for too long!

  • ACOG ADS Normalisation: aim sensitivity in this game does not account for the difference in FOV between ACOG sights and the others. This means the sensitivity of ACOG sights is higher than they should be, and it can feel jarring when you swap between sights that have different levels of magnification. This feature reduces the sensitivity of your aiming when using an ACOG sight. To toggle between ACOG Normalisation sensitivity and the default, simply tap the Reload button while holding the ADS button. The LCD screen will turn purple when ADS Normalisation Sensitivity is enabled (instead of the default green).

  • Lean Protect: I found that leaning in general wasn't as reliable as I wanted it to be. To test this, without using this script, press ADS and then very quickly tap the Sprint or Melee buttons - you will notice that it just doesn't register a lot of the time. I have fixed this so leaning is now better, more reliable, and smoother than it was in the original game.

  • ADS Sensitivity Delay: this delays the ADS sensitivity from kicking in until you are fully aiming down sights. There is actually a split-second delay between when you press the ADS button and when the ADS animation completes. This script prevents the ADS sensitivity from applying too early, making it feel more consistent when you turn just before you aim.

  • Auto-Actions: this allows you to automatically place barricades, reinforce walls, and basically anything that used to require you to hold down the Reload button.

  • Double Up: for Nav / Joy-Con users, due to a lack of buttons I have had to think really hard about how to make the most of what we have. This feature dynamically remaps crouch to sprint when ADS'ing (allowing you to use the same button for Crouch and leaning left). This is very similar to how the Melee button is also used to lean right.

  • Plus dozens of other minor quality of life features...there are too many to list here!
v 1.12 - Oct 11, 2021
Mad (Mad)
This is a premium script with 83 preset weapon patterns.
You can view the interactive configuration to see a full list of features.
This script will not run until you have your userID. Send me a DM on Discord.
v 1.00 - Sep 30, 2021
jaj (jaj)
Full release version for 2k22 vision
v 1.09 - Oct 10, 2021
Sweet_Evil_14 - AnusPower - SS_Nikolai - Moderslife (AnusPower)
For full info on how to use the script etc, please join the discord server by clicking "DOC"
v 1.34 - Aug 27, 2021
Muy (thatguy420)
Featuring - Interactive Config with adjustable CV Anti-Recoil
- 3 Stage Adjustible Anti Recoil (credits to USER101)
- Innovative Left Stick Aim Assist (thank you Mad)
- Right Stick Rotational Aim Assist Enabler
- Automated Deathbox Shield Swap
- Adaptive Crouch Spam with toggle option
- Auto Pathfinder Grapple Jump
- Easy Superglide
- Auto Sprint with healing support
- Easy Bunny Hop

- Many more features inside, just take a look x

Hi guys, got some new features following some testing and some tweaks

- NEW FEATURE:Auto Grapple and Jump with Pathfinder - this was actually already in the last version, I just forgot to mention it as well as optimise for general use

- NEW FEATURE: Easy Superglide - When I say easy, this is not necessarily the case. You still need to get the timing down, but with this feature, you only need to input the jump, the script will time the crouch input for you

- Made a change to the Crouch spam feature, now you have to manually select if you want the crouch spam to be active on ADS and or Hipfire

- A little tweak to the Right Stick Rotational Aim Assist Enabler feature - this should hopefully improve how it feels and have less of a negative impact on aim.

Think that is all for this update, the change to the crouch spam feature was a request so i was more than happy to implement this. As was the pathfinder grapple and jump. I am always happy to listen to request and see what improvements can be made to the script.

If you are enjoying the script, drop a thumbs up, donate if you feel like it, and most importantly; Keep on Frying,


- Added a new feature following some testing. Now there is a right stick aim assist option. The thought process behind this is that, when aiming down sights, not putting any other inputs into the game, you dont get any rotational aim assist, thus by putting in just the slightest bit of back and forth movement of the right stick, you will see that you get the rotational aim assist, which is the biggest thing for accuracy. So by using this new feature, you will always have the rotational aim assist active. May or may not help, but note this is not some sort of aimbot or whatever, it merely acts to ensure that you are maximnising the aim assist algorithm
- Added a requested feature to make the auto strafe only apply when hipfiring

Thats all for now, just added a requested feature as well as something I had been testing for a bit, hope you enjoy it. Hit that thumbs up button, donate if you feel like it, and most importantly; Keep on Frying,

- Modified the recoil sensitivity options in order to allow users playing on inverted settings to be able to also use this feature
- Added a hipfire multiplier adjustment for the 3 Stage Anti-Recoil option

Thats all for now, just a small update to address some things that were requested. Hit that thumbs up button, donate if you feel like it, and most importantly; Keep on Frying,

- Fix to an issue caused by the bow feature which would cause single fire weapons to shoot particularly slowly. Removed the auto bow time, now you manually decide how long to wait before shooting
- Some small tweaks that I've been messing about with
- Added a feature whereby, when shooting there's a constant backward movement input, this is specifically to give you a smaller hitbox and make you harder to hit in a strafe fight. Go in firing range in 3rd person and compare your character when you add a backward input when strafing vs a forward input.
- Added a small feature to left stick movement to try and hopefully give controller players more of a keyboard like feel when moving

Thats all for now, hit that thumbs up button, donate if you feel like it, and most importantly; Keep on Frying,


Been a minute so heres a lil update to the script

- Following some requests, I have added in the option to have the crouch spam be enabled when holding down the crouch button, instead of just when strafing. You will now have a choice between the two mechanisms
- Added the ability to have different hold and wait times for crouch spam depending on whether you are ADS or Hipfiring
- More work has been done on the Shield Swap mechanism, however it is very minimal, it seems very accurate at the minute, let me know if it is otherwise the case
- With the 3 Stage Anti-Recoil, I have made a slight tweak, such that, when hipfiring, it is a tad less strong, I may add it as an option that users can change in the future. Keep and eye out.

NOTE: I have been trying to work on the recently found oscillation recoil control method, however, I dont believe now that is is possible with analog sticks or even with a XIM. If anyone knows for certain if it is possible, do reach out to me on discord.

As always, if you have requests for things to be implemented in the script, I am always happy to listen and take it into account.

And if you are greatly enjoying the script, why not donate, buy me a coffee or something, the donate button is right there.

Much love, and happy frying,