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v 3.04 - Oct 16, 2020
USER101 (USER101)
Simply put, this script will automatically detect what weapon you are firing and adjust itself for recoil and rapid fire. You don't have to toggle anything, just select a preset and play the game.

**Added Auto Jump Boost for Heavy Metal Heroes

I have reconfigured the interface to be more intuitive and added several new features. The source code has not been released for this version because I have revamped the method for weapon detection to be more accurate and its still in beta. Probably the simplest script out there. To use just load the memory slot and play the game. Else, if you play inverted click the "Blackout Inverted Preset" button and save before you play. The script will automatically detect what weapon you are shooting and adjust everything accordingly including rapid fire and recoil. If for some reason there are future weapons that do not get auto detected and you wish to rapid fire simply double tap and hold the trigger.

-Added quick map/score view on hold only
-Added Auto Slide on turn while sprinting
-Added function descriptions
-Added Troubleshooting menu
-Changed Manual Rapid fire toggle ADS+Dpad_Left
-Removed Nuke.gmk emblem for bluetooth performance)

*Auto Select Recoil Mode
*Auto Rapid Fire
*Users Dynamic Recoil(UDR)
*Users Rapid Fire(URF)
*Blackout Mode
*Rapid Fire
*Recoil Delay
*Recoil Timeout
*Hair Trigger
*Auto Sprint
*Auto Hold Breath
*Auto Aim Down Sights(ADS) / Easy Akimbo
*Auto Reload
*Auto Heal with Heal Time
*Auto ADS
*Auto ADS delay
*Auto reload time
*Auto stim
*Auto recoil timeout
*Drop Shot
*Jump Shot
*Strafe Shot
*Aim Assist
*Auto Repair (Blackout)
*Auto Heal (Blackout)
*Reload Cancel
*Grenade Cook Protection
*Turbo Melee
*Quick Score/Map view on hold
*Auto Slide on turn while sprinting
v 1.12 - Jan 30, 2021
ConsoleTuner (by Mad) (J2Kbr)
Featuring: Anti-Recoil • Rapid Fire • Auto Spot • Crouch Shot • Crouch Spam • Drop Shot • Jump Shot • Strafe • Quick Scope • Hold Breath • Turbo Melee • Grenade Overcook Protection • Reload Cancel • Auto-ADS • Toggle ADS
v 2.09 - Nov 8, 2020
Michael (Michael)
Support Apex Legends GCV script by J2Kbr
• Built-in anti-recoil data
• ADS & HIP anti-recoil
• FFB Anti-Recoil
• Shooting add-on action
• Load two anti-recoil weapons data and switch to mactch weapons used in the game
• Customizable controller/keyboard shortcuts for assigning anti-recoil data
• Customizable Xbox One Elite paddles shortcuts for assigning anti-recoil data
• Select different optical sights data to adjust the anti-recoil strength
• Hair trigger
• Throwing grenades assist
• Right stick deadzone compansation when shooting
• Root Mode for M/K users
• Shooting add-on action (Strafe, Jump, Crouch) for HIP and ADS separately
• Slide-hop
• Share = Xbox + Menu = Xb1_Sync

Update Log:
v2.09 (Nov 8, 2020): Update anti-recoil data: P2020, R301, R99, Hemlok(single, burst), Volt SMG, Devotion(normal, turbo), Havoc(normal, turbo), L-star.

v2.08 (Oct 27, 2020):
  (1) Adjust the interactive configuration layout
  (2) Adjust script codes
v2.06 (Oct 26, 2020):
  (1) Add vibration indicator to toggle Disable DPad-Left holding move
  (3) Redesign the interactive configuration layout
v2.05 (Oct 7, 2020):
  (1) Add shortcut to turn on/off Disable DPad-Left holding move (Holding L2/LT/ZL, and double press DPad-Down quickly)
  (2) Add FFB Anti-Recoil. This feature enable the anti-recoil process starting based on the vibration signal received by the controller, which is good for throwing grenades.
  (3) Add Xbox One Elite controller paddles shortcuts for anti-recoil data assignment.
  (4) Adjust the interactive configuration content layout.
  (5) Change the script title to M_Apex Legends_Anti-Recoil (previous title: M_Apex Legends_with Anti-Recoil Data)
v2.04 (Sep 17, 2020): Add Disable DPad-Left holding move (good for faster assigning anti-recoil data to AR-Data slots).
v2.03 (Sep 16, 2020):
  (1) Delete HIP & ADS anti-recoil throwing grenade assist (No longer needed, better method implemented).
  (2) Add add-on actions throwing grenades assist.
  (3) Change add-on action. Now different add-on actions can be assigned to HIP or ADS separately.
  (4) Change anti-recoil data shortcuts from "Hold DPad-Left + L1 + others" to "Hold DPad-Left + DPad-Up + others".
v2.02 (Sep 10, 2020):
  (1) Update the anti-recoil algorithm and optimize script code for adding more features.
  (2) Update the anti-recoil data for season 6 (game ver.1.46)
  (3) Add controller customizable shortcuts for all anti-recoil data.
  (4) Add right stick deadzone compansation when shooting.
  (5) Shortcuts changed: (New)Hold DPad-Left + PS/Xbox = Anti-recoil on/off. Delete shortcut to switch between AR-1 and other anti-recoil data(no longer needed).
v2.01 (Sep 7, 2020): Add customizable keyboard shortcuts.
v2.00 (Aug 22, 2020):
   (1) Update AR data for season 6, and redesign the content layout.
   (2) Add HIP anti-recoil with throwing grenades assist, Root Mode, shooting add-on action, LT/RT FFB, Xb1_Sync=Share.
   (3) Delete AR weapons data shortcuts with keyboard, Bunny Hop and Half & Full Press Rapid Fire trigger.
   (4) Update AR-1 customizable setting.
v1.08 (Aug 16, 2020): Update AR data of R301, R99 and Alternator for season 5.
v1.07 (May 26, 2020): Rapid Fire pre-set for each weapon. Rapid Fire section setting is now only for AR_1.
v1.06 (Apr 23, 2020):
   (1) Bug fixed: Half/Full press triggering Rapid Fire. When current script's anti-recoil data of G7 Scout, Prowler or Hemlok is in use, Rapid Fire and Full Press will be turned on automatically, and preset settings will be reloaded automatically when other weapons' data is in use.
   (2) Applied to the anti-recoil data of both CV and current script is the derived version of the anti-recoil method created by Antithesis who should take the credit for that.
v1.05 (Apr 15, 2020): Anti-Recoil data keyboard shortcuts changed
v1.04 (Apr 6, 2020): Bug fixed: Rapidfire.
v1.03 (Apr 5, 2020):
   (1) Bugs fixed relating to keyboard shortcuts.
   (2) Anti-Recoil data now ready for different Look Sensitivity [ADS] setting.
   (3) Compatible with Apex Legends CV Anti-Recoil by J2Kbr. Use this script to select different types of scope.
   (4) Others: keyboard shortcuts adjusted, AR-Adjusters deleted, anti-recoil_2 section deleted, rapid fire shots per second deleted, shorcuts of Rapid Fire and Extra Features deleted.
v1.02 (Mar 30, 2020): Add keyboard shortcuts for selecting AR weapons data.
v1.01 (Mar 30, 2020): Bug fixed relating to AR-Adjusters.
v1.00 (Mar 26, 2020): Features: preset AR-data for two loadouts, preset optic sight adjusted option, hair trigger, half and full press rapid fire, bunny hop, slide hop, Xbox + Menu = Share.

v 1.02 - Oct 13, 2019
ConsoleTuner (J2Kbr)
Featuring: Advanced Anti Recoil with deadzone compensation (compatible with XIM/Apex) • Raw offset mouse Anti Recoil • Fully customizable Rapidfire • Burst Fire • Hair Trigger • Drop Shot • Jump Shot • Strafe Shot • Auto ADS • Quick Scope • Auto Aim (Aim Abuse) • Hold Breath • Turbo Melee • Easy Slide • Easy Sprint • Bunny Hop.

All MODs starts disabled by default and have to be individually enabled on the Interactive Configuration Interface, accordingly the player's preferences. Click on the DOC icon to open the detailed information about this Gamepack.
v 1.04 - Feb 8, 2021
Scachi (Scachi)
Warzone / Modern Warfare : Native Mouse and Keyboard (Output Protocol 'USB Multi Interface HID')
Some possible Setup Options:
  M&K -> T2 --> PC / Console : Gaming as keyboard/mouse controls
  M&K -> T2 --> Xim -> Console/PC : Gaming as gamepad controls

Features: 7 Weapon Profiles ◦ Staged Anti Recoil ◦ Rapid Fire ◦ AutoADS ◦ QuickScope ◦ Slide Cancel ◦ toggle keys ◦ T2 slot load keys

Changes v.1.04: fixes mouse drift when later anti recoil stage value is set to 0
v 1.05 - Feb 8, 2021
Michael (Michael)
This GCV script is the modified version of J2Kbr's Apex Legends CV Anti-Recoil (v1.46 - Feb 4, 2021)

[Latest Update] v1.05 (Feb 8, 2021): Apex Legends Season 8: Added 30-30 Repeater.

Added feature:
Automatic weapon detection ready for 8 languages used in the game:
# Set LANGUAGE_DETECT according to the language used in the game:
# [EN] English = 1, [ES] Spanish = 2, [DE] German = 3, [FR] French = 4, [PT] Portuguese =5, [RU] Russian = 6, [CN] Simplified Chinese = 7, [TC] Traditional Chinese = 8.

v1.05 (Feb 8, 2021): Apex Legends Season 8: Added 30-30 Repeater.
v1.04 (Nov 10, 2020): Update [CN] and [TC] templates (based on v1.45 - Nov 6, 2020): add fully-kitted weapons.
v1.03 (Nov 7, 2020): Update all templates (based on v1.45 - Nov 6, 2020).
v1.02 (Nov 5, 2020): Update all templates (based on v1.43 - Nov 2, 2020). Prowler available
v1.01 (Oct 30, 2020): Update [CN] Simplified Chinese template. Fix: Spitfire can not be detected in some cases
v1.00 (Oct 29, 2020): Add additional seven languages detection to J2Kbr's Apex Legends CV Anti-Recoil(based on v1.42 - Oct 6, 2020)
v 1.02 - Jan 5, 2021
scachi (Scachi)
Stance and Weapon Slot tracking.
5 slots of customizeable Anti Recoil Multi Value/Rapid Fire settings, switch by button combination or keyboard.
With optional Anti Recoil Autostop using rumble detection and speech output for On/Off/Config selection.

Changes: rapid fire enabled/disabled state is now handled in the weapons configuration section only (not in the default loadout anymore)
v 1.20 - Dec 3, 2020
ConsoleTuner (J2Kbr)
Keyboard and Mouse Input Translator.

Game: PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds - PUBG
System: Xbox One

Update 1.00: Aiming sensitivity with value at 20.
Update 0.85: Update for the newly added aiming setting.

Refer to the documentation page (DOC icon at right) for the game recommended settings, sensitivity adjustments, keyboard/mouse mapping list and other information about this Input Translator.
v 7.03 - Sep 11, 2020
pablosscripts (pablogroup)

To view the full list of features, setup instructions and release notes, click on the "DOC" button on the right.

This is the product of over 5 years of prototyping, development and refinement, play tested over 3,500 hours. I have lived and breathed this script for so long now, obsessing over every little detail and thinking about it day and night. Every season I spend hours on the Technical Test Server to thoroughly analyse the new operators, gadgets and changes to make sure they will be compatible with this script. The key features are:

  • Easy Sprint: this was probably the hardest thing to get right, and even after 2 years of work I still found myself refining certain aspects of it. This is because of how complex this game is - as the Sprint button is also used for leaning and quick rappelling, it caused so many issues. I could have settled for a compromised solution but I persisted until I got this working for every conceivable scenario. My goal was to have a solution where Easy Sprint would always kick in every time you wanted it to, but never when you didn't want it to.

  • PC Style Toggle Lean: this allows you to lean left and right without having to hold the ADS button, while a regular straight lean can still be activated via a hold. This is the best of both worlds and it plays extraordinary well. I experimented with a lot of different concepts but this is by far the best. Break out of this by leaning in the same direction you were already leaning, or by tapping the ADS or Vault buttons.

  • PC Style Crouching and Proning: for keyboard users, this decouples crouching from proning (so holding down the Crouch button no longer makes you go prone). This makes crouching more reliable, as I find time-based inputs very inconsistent.

  • Rapid Fire: toggle between Primary and Secondary firing modes by double tapping and then holding the Reload button, or by pressing the Swap button. Rapid Fire is enabled in Secondary Mode. When enabled, Primary mode is denoted with a "P." on the LCD screen, and Secondary mode is denoted with an "S."

  • Anti-Recoil: thanks to Antithesis, this fully customisable via the Interactive Configurator.

  • Grenade Overcook Protection: this prevents you from cooking your grenades for too long!

  • ACOG ADS Normalisation: aim sensitivity in this game does not account for the difference in FOV between ACOG sights and the others. This means the sensitivity of ACOG sights is higher than they should be, and it can feel jarring when you swap between sights that have different levels of magnification. This feature reduces the sensitivity of your aiming when using an ACOG sight. To toggle between ACOG Normalisation sensitivity and the default, simply tap the Reload button while holding the ADS button. The LCD screen will turn purple when ADS Normalisation Sensitivity is enabled (instead of the default green).

  • Lean Protect: I found that leaning in general wasn't as reliable as I wanted it to be. To test this, without using this script, press ADS and then very quickly tap the Sprint or Melee buttons - you will notice that it just doesn't register a lot of the time. I have fixed this so leaning is now better, more reliable, and smoother than it was in the original game.

  • ADS Sensitivity Delay: this delays the ADS sensitivity from kicking in until you are fully aiming down sights. There is actually a split-second delay between when you press the ADS button and when the ADS animation completes. This script prevents the ADS sensitivity from applying too early, making it feel more consistent when you turn just before you aim.

  • Auto-Actions: this allows you to automatically place barricades, reinforce walls, and basically anything that used to require you to hold down the Reload button.

  • Double Up: for Nav / Joy-Con users, due to a lack of buttons I have had to think really hard about how to make the most of what we have. This feature dynamically remaps crouch to sprint when ADS'ing (allowing you to use the same button for Crouch and leaning left). This is very similar to how the Melee button is also used to lean right.

  • Plus dozens of other minor quality of life features...there are too many to list here!
v 1.34 - Aug 17, 2020
Scachi (Scachi)
Please report bugs/problems via consoletuners forum - click the DOC link to get to this scripts topic.
Latest changes:
  • v1.34: added direct weapon slot buttons: General Setup, configure them in your game too !
  • Interactive configuration
  • Easy Run
  • Weapon slot specific anti recoil and fire mode (adjustable)
  • In-game weapon fire mode selection with double tap DPad-Up. Cycles through: normal, rapid, rapid fire activation by R2/RT value
  • In-game anti recoil on/off for active weapon slot with double tap DPad-Down
  • LED colors for estimated active weapon slot: green=Kinetic, red=Energy, pink=Power
  • If color and weapon is not matching, fix it ingame with double tap Dpad-Left or R3/RS
  • LED color and text feedback for a lot of functions: Weapon slot, fire/recoil mode, Menu-/Game-mode...
  • Combos to bind to R3 or extra keys (tested 4 hunter): Double-Tap-CIRCLE, Run-Slide combo, Run-Slide-Melee combo, Run-Slide-Jump combo, Double & Triple Jump combo