v 1.50 - Dec 10, 2023
ConsoleTuner (J2Kbr)
Computer vision assisted anti-recoil for Apex Legends, featuring:
  • Automatic weapon and fire mode detection
  • Equipped barrel rarity detection
  • Equipped optics and zoom magnification tracking
  • Vertical and horizontal recoil compensation for each fired bullet
  • Automatic activation of rapidfire for single and burst fire modes
The recoil/spray pattern for each weapon and corresponding fire modes was gathered using a self-learning multiple steps training computer vision algorithm (GCV Script), enabling apply the recoil compensation force needed individually for each fired bullet.

Update 1.50: Apex Legends Season 19
Update 1.49: Apex Legends Season 10: PROWLER, ALTERNATOR, SPITFIRE, RAMPAGE
Update 1.48: Apex Legends Season 9 and Nintendo Switch compatibility
Update 1.46: Apex Legends Season 8: Added 30-30 Repeater. Experimental: GCV Configuration via GPC Script (GLOBAL_HSCALE, GLOBAL_VSCALE and DATA_SET)
Update 1.45: Apex Legends Season 7: R-99, Hemlok (Burst, Single), Havoc (Normal, Turbo) and L-Star.
Update 1.42: Aftermarket Event: Splitfire, Devotion.
Update 1.40: Apex Legends Season 6: Volt SMG, R-99, P2020, Splitfire, Prowler, Hemlok, Devotion, Havoc and Turbocharge detection.
Update 1.35: Havoc mag size and recoil pattern.
Update 1.30: Detect optics attachment and magnification (Zoom) tracking.
Update 1.10: Apex Legends Season 5: Alternator mag size, Havoc recoil, Mastiff regular and Peacekeeper gold.

This GCV script can be used in conjunction with the official Apex Legends Gamepack for the Titan Two device. For that, click on the corresponding predefined configuration in the Gamepack configuration interface.
File List:
  • apex_antirecoil.png
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