v 3.05 - Jul 1, 2020
USER101 (USER101)
We are finally here; this script has definitively reached its full potential! The most accurate, feature rich, well documented Call of Duty Modern Warfare / Multiplayer / Warzone script available. An all new User?s menu based around the reload button that allows for the most options without any of the unwanted movement or actions that other scripts may cause. Ask around, do your own research or, go try other scripts, then come back and see for yourself. I have great videos with more on the way, and a troubleshooting guide built right in the script. Culminating in several months of development with over 150 changes to make this script the best it can be, specifically designed for Modern Warfare 2020. Almost every option you can think of with up to 8 trainable presets all with the ability to toggle and adjust while playing. Thank you to all of my Coffee Contributors that got me through this and I hope everyone enjoys the script.

- Added hold tactical to temporary cancel Auto ADS / Aim Assist while driving
- Added ADS + Fire option for Aim Assist
- Added timeout ability for preset Rapid Fire
- Increased all preset value decimals to be X10 more accurate
- Increase horizontal preset value max to 150 to account for recoil offsets
- Top Coffee Contributor for this build / @Trending

Here is a full functional Warzone / Modern Warfare 2020 script. The videos on the doc forum page demonstrate the level of accuracy that can be achieved. I have added 8 programmable anti-recoil slots and a very quick way to cycle between them. The slot only cycles if it has vertical recoil set for that slot. Other benefits include auto repairs in warzone, auto hold breath that still allows variable zoom to work, auto spot enemies in warzone, updated reload cancel, double tap and hold trigger for rapid fire, MnK keyboard B for boost, all rumble reduced to prevent T2 overload causing disconnect sometime and obviously the biggest improvement is in the anti-recoil with runtime recoil adjustment. From what I can tell almost all of the adjustments including recoil and controller sensitivity are on a curve. I solve the anti-recoil issue by adding a secondary recoil value and a recoil timeout. I don?t think any other MW script is doing this at the moment. It allows you to expend a full clip while still being very accurate. Thanks
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