v 4.05 - Sep 17, 2020
USER101 (USER101)
Featuring: Discreet Aim Assist - Anti Detection • Multi Platform Support • Users Menu • 8 Customizable Presets • 2 Stage Anti-Recoil • Customizable Toggles • Keypad Events • Preset Hot-Swap • Orbital Directional Aim Assist • Bunny Hop • ADS and Shot Horizontal Sensitivity Adjustment / Bullet Time • Quick Scope / Hard Drag • Auto Spot • Auto Armor • Slide Cancel • ADS Auto Slide Cancel • Hair Trigger • Auto Hold Breath • Auto Re-Breathe • Grenade Cook Protection • Easy Sprint • Auto Melee • Auto ADS • Auto Reload • Reload Cancel • Auto Rapid Fire • Akimbo Rapid Fire • Drop Shot • Jump Shot • Bunny Hop • Strafe Shot • Strafe Jump Shot • Prone to Shoot • Shot Delay • In-Game Preset Training Mode

I just updated my Modern Warfare / Warzone script with new options and improvements including, changes to the slide cancel, adding auto strafe with ADS, and an all new Discreet mode for Orbital Aim Assist. Getting ready to fork this script to COD - Cold War so stay tuned. As always, thank you to my Coffee Contributors for keeping me motivated. I hope you enjoy the script.

v 4.05
- Added "Discreet Mode" to Orbital Aim Assist to prevent detection
- Added Auto Strafe on ADS
- Added ability to toggle all preset options in training mode (training/Menu BTN/dpad)
- Added ability to toggle OAA global Discreet in training mode (training/LT/Home BTN)
- Changed OAA Strength adjustment in training mode (training/users's menu/RT/dpad up-dn)
- Changed Bullet Time adjustment in training mode (training/users's menu/LT/dpad up-dn)
- Changed preset Rapid Fire toggle in training mode (training/users's menu/dpad up-dn)
- Changed Slide Cancel to only activate while moving forward >45%
- Changed Auto Bunny Hop to wait 300ms then jump at 33ms
- Changed default stick noise to 0
- Changed default Radial Strength to 17
- Fixed Rapid Fire / auto tac sprint ADS issue
- Fixed Rapid Fire / Hip Fire recoil for Akimbo
- Fixed auto and global Rapid Fire recoil issue
- Top Coffee Contributor for this build / @HEAVY
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