v 3.20 - May 15, 2022
hongxing (hongxing)
Featuring:Hongxing CV script
v3.20 fix spitfire;
v3.19 fix volt,support season 13;
v3.18 fix spitfire;
V3.17 fix devotion;
v3.16 add super glide with fish controller;
v3.13 update super glide with cfg on PC;
update tap strafe ,do not need hold ts button
add hold "W","S" page up/down in deathbox
v3.00 update ui;fix wall jump;add tap strafe;
v2.09 fix aim Assist bug; update wall jump ,hibbit jump ;update UI;
v2.08 add ribbit jump;fix antiRrcoil bug;add walk;
v2.07 fix wall jump on xbox series x|s / xbox360
v2.06 update player Of adsorption;change player Of adsorption name;fix super glide;
v2.05 add player Of adsorption
v2.04 fix optimization of Anti-Rrcoil
v2.03 fix L-STAR,HAVOK ballistic trajectory;
v2.02 fix optimization of Anti-Rrcoil;fix bow rapid fire bug
v2.01 fix 0 ammo antiRrcoil bug
v2.00 support new Hongxing'cv;add new Weapon built-in data ;remove quick switch mirror;remove quick use thermal baffle
v1.25 fix aim Assist
v1.24 support do vis's script
v1.22 add optimization of Anti-Rrcoil
v1.21 add auto mouse pick up (need "")
v1.20 fixed bugs
v1.19 fixed quick use battery & aid kit bug
v1.18 update hip aim Assist
v1.17 add aim Assist,quick switch mirror
v1.16 add wall jump
v1.15 add Pathfinder Auto Jump, hold L1/LB to use
v1.13 add hip shot init time
v1.12 add open/close super glide checkbox
v1.10 update mouse pick up , you can use mouse wheel to page up;update quick use battery & aid kit stick add move time
v1.09 add auto crouch
v1.08 add quick use battery & aid kit;update hip shot
v1.07 add mouse pick up speed
v1.06 add quick use thermal baffle
v1.03 add mouse pick up
v1.02 add quick pick up
v1.01 add super glide
v1.00 add hip shot
File List:
  • Hongxing_cv_v1.0.gbc
  • Hongxing_cv_v1.0.gcd
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