v 0.34 - Sep 30, 2023
Majestic Prophets (MrBrgv)

Randomization and Undetectable

0.34 Tweaked MW2 Slide Cancel and fixed a few issues.
0.33 Add Slide delay for Mw2 800 to 830 in script
0.32 New MW2 Slide Cancel, In game slide on default
0.31 Situational stick speed added
0.30 New Drop Shot and Fast Drop with options
029 SweetEvil Rumble Anti_recoil
0.26 Auto Ping fixed
0.25 Added Rumble Anti_recoil / Added Left Stick orbital radius
0.23 Added rapid fire Led flash when enable, it allows sectors ranges to be identified.
0.22 Fixed RF profile issues and added led to RF on
0.21 added Akimbo, read Information on GUI
0.20 Drop Shot, 2 types activation
*** Hold R3 plus Tap Right on D for Fire Drop only
*** Hold R3 plusTap Left on D for Ads and Fire Drop
0.19 Code clean, AA tweaks forbetter assist
0.18 Moved ADS+fire toggle to ADS double tap L1 for on and off
0.17 Tweaked mw2 SC and added speech toggle
0.16 MW2 Slide Cancel. Must have Semtex Lethal ATM
0.15 Rapid Fire cap Max increased 250
0.13 Fixed small Btn issue
0.12 Code clean, tweaked code.
0.11 added Turbo Melee
0.10 Added ADS+FIRE simple Mod.. Enable/Disable ADS + Double tap UP on D.
*Changed Rapid Fire to ... ADS Enable/Disable ADS + Double tap RIGHT on D*

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File List:
  • MultiAim .gbc
  • MultiAim .gcd
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