v 10.12 - Apr 10, 2019
AlanMcGregor (alanmcgregor)

This Script uses Builder Pro Layout is the fastest for building pieces one after the other, non-stop.
Builds pieces with a single tap given you the edge on build battles, turns you in a blazing fast builder.


  • Turbo Instant-Build
  • New Auto Aim
  • Auto-1x1 Build
  • Ramp-Rush
  • Instant-Edit
  • First Slot Shorcut
  • Quick Emote
  • One Key Place Traps
  • One Key Change Mats
  • Show Map On-Hold

2 Build Modes:

  • Builder Pro. Press build button first, then press triggers or shoulder buttons to build instantaneously.
  • PC Builder. Direct Buttons for Pieces like PC, Press Fire or Piece button to place a piece instantaneously. Press [L2|LT] to change mats.

3 Fire Modes:

  • Auto Slot-Swap Fire - Double Pump Trick
  • Auto Fire - Rapid-Fire
  • Auto Peek-Shoot - FaZe-Tfue technique

In-game Settings: Builder Pro Controller layout, Turbo Build ON, Reset Build Choice ON

Compatible: Console Controller (PS4 / PS4 Pro / XB1 / XB1X / Nintendo SWITCH), XIM4, XIM APEX, Titan Two Mouse & Keyboard Support (separated Input Translator required)

Special thanks to: bonefisher, Scachi, J2Kbr, pabloscripts, Jacked, xenologer, antithesis, for his contribution to this script

Dedicated to: my Dad

File List:
  • TurboInstantBuild5v6.gbc
  • TurboInstantBuild5v6.gcd
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