v 1.13 - Sep 1, 2019
UK_Wildcats_Fans (UK_Wildcats_Fans)
This script was developed exclusively for the Titan 2 and COD BO4 game. This script was designed to make it very easy to toggle mods on/off while in the game.

IMPORTANT: Run the INTERACTIVE CONFIGURATION for more information, details, toggles, etc. Click the DOC link for a great toggle printout.

  • Interactive Configuration for full control and quick, easy customization
  • Rumble & Titan 2 display indications for mods and presets along with Gtuner output panel
  • Automatic Stim after shooting
  • Automatic Sprint (aka Easy Sprint)
  • Rapid Fire with 5 programmable presets and automatic Rapid Fire (double tap & hold shoot button)
  • Recoil Compensation (aka anti-recoil) with 2 programmable presets
  • Snipers - Quick Scope and automatic Hold Breath
  • Auto ADS (aim down sight automatically with shoot button is pressed and/or held)
  • Akimbo Fire (fire both left and right weapons with a single shoot button
  • Drop Shot
  • Auto Reload Cancel with ADS or SHOOT
  • Temporary Melee Disable (user request)
  • Quickly reset memory slot to defaul values
1.00 - Initial release
1.01 - Bug fixes
1.02 - Modified the auto reload cancel
1.03 - Added in AFK for possible future use
1.04 - Added MELEE disable option (user request)
1.05 - Fixed issue with Rapid Fire when used with ADS Fire
1.06 - Created separate functions for Akimbo FIre and Auto ADS
1.07 - Added reload memory slot function
1.08 - Added printf functions for various scripts areas that print out in Gtuner
1.09 - Pmem address optimization
1.10 - printf enhancements seen Gtuner output window
1.11 - Changed default anti recoil values. Added double tap auto rapid fire. Removed AFK to save memory.
1.12 - Added rumble notification for turning on auto rapid fire & auto stim
1.13 - Added in one click configuration for my normal configuration to help with testing
File List:
  • BO4 - current script.gbc
  • BO4 - current script.gcd
Gtuner IV
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