v 7.05 - Apr 13, 2019
pablosscripts (pablogroup)

IMPORTANT: I have discovered an in-game bug that has been at the root of a lot of my problems. The setting Sprint Cancels Reload is BUGGY, you should disable it. If you have it turned on, you will not be able to reload while in mid-air or while you are sliding - doing so will automatically cancel the reload animation. I thought this affected reloading regardless of whether it was enabled or disabled but I was wrong. I had to code all sorts of workarounds and none of them were ever perfect. It was more trouble than it was worth so I have completely backed out all support for this. This setting did allow me to further optimise my own ADS reload cancel code, but it was not worth the problems that came along with it.

Supports all Call of Duty games - now optimised for Black Ops 4!

  • Make sure you disable the in-game setting called Sprint Cancels Reload - this is buggy and Treyarch have yet to acknowledge it.

  • Make sure you disable the in-game setting called Auto Sprint. This will conflict with my Easy Sprint code, and regardless, mine is easier to use anyway since it is more intuitive overall and I only require a single tap of the Sprint button instead of two in order to activate it (as long as Easy Sprint is turned on).


I have been putting a lot of thought into how to enhance BO4. In BO3 you were able to boost jump away from a fight, but not so in BO4, which means the gameplay in BO4 is heavily centred around sliding, so my script features a number of sliding related enhancements:

Easy Slide: I found it annoying to have to hold the Crouch button in order to initiate a slide, so I have changed it to be a quick tap instead and it feels so much better.

Stick Sliding: while you are still in mid-air from a jump, let go of the left stick then push it forward again to initiate a slide. This is not only more intuitive, but it also allows you to slide without ever having to take your thumb off the stick.

Natural Slide Cancelling: pull back on the left stick to cancel out of a slide.

Auto Sliding: for keyboard users, this allows you to initiate a slide even if you aren't moving. You can also initiate a slide while you are strafing, which is not possible in the original game. Credit to Mr. Brown for the idea.


  • Rapid fire: toggle between Primary and Secondary firing modes by double tapping and then holding the Reload button. Rapid Fire is enabled in Secondary Mode. Primary mode is denoted with a "P." on the LCD screen, and Secondary mode is denoted with an "S."
  • Enhanced Auto Reload Cancelling: Automatically trigger a reload cancel if you ADS, shoot, or sprint. This is useful for when you see an enemy while you are reloading and need to quickly cancel out of it.
  • Antithesis' anti-recoil.
  • Easy Sprint: including support for reloading and toggle walking.
  • Hair-trigger aiming and shooting.
  • Grenade overcook protection.
  • Enhanced Auto Sprint.
  • Reload Toggling: activate perks, repair armour, and revive team mates without having to hold down the Reload button.
File List:
  • Call of Duty - QoL Pack.gbc
  • Call of Duty - QoL Pack.gcd
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