v 3.04 - Oct 16, 2020
USER101 (USER101)
Simply put, this script will automatically detect what weapon you are firing and adjust itself for recoil and rapid fire. You don't have to toggle anything, just select a preset and play the game.

**Added Auto Jump Boost for Heavy Metal Heroes

I have reconfigured the interface to be more intuitive and added several new features. The source code has not been released for this version because I have revamped the method for weapon detection to be more accurate and its still in beta. Probably the simplest script out there. To use just load the memory slot and play the game. Else, if you play inverted click the "Blackout Inverted Preset" button and save before you play. The script will automatically detect what weapon you are shooting and adjust everything accordingly including rapid fire and recoil. If for some reason there are future weapons that do not get auto detected and you wish to rapid fire simply double tap and hold the trigger.

-Added quick map/score view on hold only
-Added Auto Slide on turn while sprinting
-Added function descriptions
-Added Troubleshooting menu
-Changed Manual Rapid fire toggle ADS+Dpad_Left
-Removed Nuke.gmk emblem for bluetooth performance)

*Auto Select Recoil Mode
*Auto Rapid Fire
*Users Dynamic Recoil(UDR)
*Users Rapid Fire(URF)
*Blackout Mode
*Rapid Fire
*Recoil Delay
*Recoil Timeout
*Hair Trigger
*Auto Sprint
*Auto Hold Breath
*Auto Aim Down Sights(ADS) / Easy Akimbo
*Auto Reload
*Auto Heal with Heal Time
*Auto ADS
*Auto ADS delay
*Auto reload time
*Auto stim
*Auto recoil timeout
*Drop Shot
*Jump Shot
*Strafe Shot
*Aim Assist
*Auto Repair (Blackout)
*Auto Heal (Blackout)
*Reload Cancel
*Grenade Cook Protection
*Turbo Melee
*Quick Score/Map view on hold
*Auto Slide on turn while sprinting
File List:
  • COD_BO4.gbc
  • COD_BO4.gcd
  • Nuke.gmk
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