v 3.04 - Nov 4, 2019
pablosscripts (pablosscripts)

Supports BOTH Easy Sprint and Super Sprint! I've figured out a way to get both working without any interference. The biggest challenge with this year's COD is Super Sprint. Super Sprint allows you to double tap the Sprint button in order to perform a faster but limited dash. The problem with this is pretty obvious - it will interfere with most implementations of Easy Sprint. In my opinion, any script designed for this year's game needs to pass the following tests in order to be considered robust:

1) Obviously, Super Sprint should never activate unless you explicitly want it to.
2) Super Sprint should be mapped to its own dedicated button (for M&KB users). This provides you with 100% control over your movement.
3) There should also be a "dedicated" Super Sprint button for standard controller users.
4) After a ground slide, Easy Sprint should kick in automatically. You should not have to press any buttons in order to reactivate Easy Sprint.
5) Likewise, after a jump slide (tap the slide button while in mid air), Easy Sprint should kick in automatically.
6) While reloading, accidentally mashing the W button twice (or double tapping forward on your stick) should not break you out of reloading.

My script is designed to work under all six scenarios.


  • Rapid fire: toggle between Primary and Secondary firing modes by double tapping and then holding the Reload button. Rapid Fire is enabled in Secondary Mode. Primary mode is denoted with a "P." on the LCD screen, and Secondary mode is denoted with an "S."
  • Enhanced Auto Reload Cancelling: Automatically trigger a reload cancel if you ADS, shoot, or sprint. This is useful for when you see an enemy while you are reloading and need to quickly cancel out of it. This year's COD is the first one that allows you to reload while aiming down sights, so there's an additional wrinkle I needed to code for. If you are reloading while aiming down sights and need to perform a reload cancel by quickly pressing the Shoot button, this is a scenario that I previously didn't support, but now I do!
File List:
  • Call of Duty - Modern Warfare 2019.gbc
  • Call of Duty - Modern Warfare 2019.gcd
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