Device API

      The Titan One device has an open API for software development. The API allows programmers develop their own plugins and applications to interact directly with the Titan One device to receive input data from game controllers, and to send commands to console (PS4, XBox One, PS3 and XBox 360). The API communication is done through the PC PROG port.
  API Development Files:
• Download: gcapi.h
• Download: gcdapi.dll

C# Wrapper Class for the Titan One Direct API (DLL)

Nefylem, author of the consoleXstream project, is kindly providing his Wrapper Class to access the Titan One Direct API (DLL) using C# language.
• Download: classTitanOne.cs
The consoleXstream project uses the Titan One device to allow remote access to consoles in a streaming environment (remote gameplay).