Gtuner Plugins

      The Gtuner functionalities can be extended with addition of plugins. A plugin can access and modify the data exchanged between a game controller and the console, allowing creation of very wide type of applications. A good example is the MaxAim DI plugin, which enables play on consoles with the keyboard, mouse, steering wheel, driving wheel, flightstick, fight stick, joystick (and so on) of your computer. The Combo Magick is also a very useful plugin, let's say you have a modded controller from a company that says their Jitter mod is one of a kind and impossible to copy and no one else has it. With Combo Magick you can record it and convert to an editable GPC script in seconds!
Official plugins can be downloaded, updated and deleted using the Plugin Manager on the Gtuner's Plugins menu.
      The Gtuner software has a open plugin API and you are more than welcome to create your own plugins, check out the "Device API" section for more information in this regard. If you created a useful plugin please contact us to add it to the official list.