Instructions for Max Remapper version 1.2x
      MaxRemapper plugin enables you to easily (without any programming knowledge) remap any buttons, analog sticks or sensors to accurately customize the controller layout for any game, as well as sensitivity adjustments for any button and advanced sensitivity adjustments for analog sticks. The plugin can generate GPC scripts based on any profile created, allowing the user to extend it functionalities by manually programming extra features.
The MaxRemapper plugin is a official plugin and can be installed using the Plugin Manager. Once installed it can be accessed via the plugins menu in the Gtuner's toolbar.
      The MaxRemapper plugin allows you to create and maintain an unlimited number of Profiles;  profiles are a specific set of remaps and sensitivity adjustments. All created profiles are then available in the Gtuner's Programmer panel to be assigned to any device's memory slot. To insert a particular profile into a memory slot just drag-and-drop it from the list to one of the Memory Slots.