Plugin Operation

Plugin Operation

Capture Options

1. Capture Options
Input field to enter the name of the combo to be generated and check boxes to include the accelerometers and/or the DS4 touchpad data during the capture.

Circular Buffer

2. Circular Buffer
The circular buffer puts Combo Magick in a constant record all inputs, until the STOP button is pressed. This mode is very handy when trying perform a very tricky button sequence that takes specific timing. With Circular buffer enabled you can keep trying the button sequence over and over without having to restart the input capture.

Start Capture

3. Start Capture
Clicking on this button will begin a count down of 3 seconds to start the commands capture. The capture buffer has 10 seconds length, the action you want to perform need to be done within this time. You can press the stop button to interrupt the capture, or just wait the memory buffer completely fill out. The GPC code generation algorithm automatically identifies the beginning and end of the sequence of commands executed in the controller.

GPC Code

4. GPC Code
The results of the GPC code generation algorithm is shown in this area. The code optimization is focused in minimize the code size, but ensuring that all events are reproduced faithfully. If the result displayed is satisfactory, select the all the code to copy and paste into your script GPC.

Status Bar

5. Status Bar
The Status Bar shows information about the buffer usage during the capture operation and about the GPC code generated such as how many transitions detected and commands generated.