PS3 Navigation Controller



The Navigation controller connection procedure is exactly the same of a Dualshock 3.

Pair your Navigation controller with the Titan One

This step needs to be performed only the first time. An USB cable is need to pair your Navigation controller with Titan One device.
• For manual pairing please refer to DS3/SixAxis Pairing in the Gtuner Instructions.
• For automatic pairing check out the Device Options in the Gtuner Instructions.

Connect your compatible Bluetooth dongle to the Titan One input port

To add Bluetooth capability to Titan One device you will need a Bluetooth USB Adapter compliant with 2.1+ EDR standard. PS3 controllers requires the EDR features to work properly.

Press the PS buttons on your Navigation controller

The LED on the controller should start blinking, meaning the controller is tying to connect with Titan One device.
Your Navigation controller is connected when the display shows 0 with no dot at the bottom.
To speed up the Navigation controller syncing uncheck the option "Enable Wiimote Bluetooth searching" in Device Options.